The new house has changed a few curtains for three years, and I only know the mystery today!

Curtains are also indispensable for home decoration. They are not only used in the living room, so the importance of curtains, how to choose the curtains for the living room, of course, choose noble atmosphere Some, after all, the living room is the facade of a family, and the bedroom needs to choose softer colors. The colors of the curtains and the bed wardrobe should not conflict too much. Just try to be as elegant as possible. Today, I will teach you how to choose curtains!    


One, curtain box

Curtain box is an important part of home decoration and an important facility for concealing the curtain head. When designing the suspended ceiling and window cover, the matching curtain box design should be carried out in order to improve the overall decorative effect.
There are two types of curtain boxes depending on how the top is handled. One is that the room has a suspended ceiling, and the curtain box should be concealed in the ceiling, and it is completed together when the ceiling is made; the other is that the room has no ceiling, and the curtain box is fixed on the wall, and it is integrated with the window frame. The structure of the curtain box is relatively simple, and the construction is relatively easy.

Second, the characteristics of the curtain box

Feature 1: The curtain box is an important part of home decoration. An important facility for concealing blinds in curtains. When designing the suspended ceiling and window cover, the matching curtain box design should be carried out in order to improve the overall decorative effect.

Feature 2: According to the different treatment methods of the top, there are two types of curtain boxes. One is that the room has a suspended ceiling, and the curtain box should be concealed in the ceiling, and it is completed together when the ceiling is made; the other is that the room has no ceiling, and the curtain box is fixed on the wall, and it is integrated with the window frame. The structure of the curtain box is relatively simple, and the construction is relatively easy.

Third, the size of the curtain box

The headroom size of the curtain box includes the net width and net height.
Net width: 18cm when installing double rails; 14cm when installing single rails. (If the width is insufficient, the cloth curtains will be too tight to be opened and closed; on the contrary, if the width is too large, the gap between the curtain and the curtain box will affect the appearance.

Net height: should be about 12cm. (If the net height is not enough, it cannot play the role of covering the upper structure of the curtain; on the contrary, if the net height is too large, it will cause the curtain box to fall.

Fourth, the form of the curtain box

The basic shape of the curtain box is mostly long strip shape, there are also arc shape and special shape, there is a whole wall shape, and some parts are only on the window. Some curtain boxes appear at the same time as the wall shape, but most of them are separate Appeared. The production material is generally 18% (one centimeter is one millimeter) woodworking board with veneer veneer, the flat line is closed, and the inner corner line is combined with the ceiling plane. There are also direct putty and water-based paint or latex paint. In addition, there are curtain boxes made of wood boards, with fireproof boards and plastic-aluminum panels on the outside, and even curtain boxes made of marble. There are also designs based on traditional Chinese architectural porch and pane forms, as well as drawing on European classical architectural styles combined with modern design awareness. The art curtain box.

5. Curtain box construction process and installation process

Blanking? Planing? Correct sanding? Make mortise and tenon? Assembly

1. The production process of the curtain box

Blanking: When cutting, pay attention to the net material size according to the drawing, and the wool should be enough Execution and planing allowance. The length of the wool is 30-50mm longer than the net size, and the thickness and width are 3-5mm larger than the net size.

Surface: When planing, it must be operated along the wood grain. Plane out two adjacent datum planes, mark them as conforming, and then process the other two base planes according to the specified size, requiring smoothness and no gaps.

Making mortise and tenon: the structural method is to use 45° full dark dovetail mortise and tenon can also be combined with 45° bevel nails and glue, but the nail cap must be flattened and driven into the wood. The upper cover can be processed and directly nailed into the lower frame.

Assembly: Use a square to measure the angle of rotation and tap the structure tightly. Be careful not to expose the corners.
Correction sanding: After the structure is cured, the sanding can be corrected. Sand it off with No. 0 sandpaper For burrs, edges and corners, stand, pay attention to sanding in the direction of irreversible wood grain. Sanding in the direction of wood grain.

2. Dark curtains The installation process of the box

Positioning? Fixed angle iron? Fixed curtain box

The main feature of the concealed curtain box is that it is combined with the ceiling part, and the common one is the built-in type And external type.

Built-in curtain box: The main form of the built-in curtain box is to make a groove at the ceiling at the top of the window, and install the curtain rail in the groove. It is included in the ceiling The inner curtain box should be done together with the ceiling construction.

External curtain box: The external curtain box is on the ceiling plane, and a shielding plate is made to run through the length of the wall , Install the curtain rail on the ceiling plane inside the shielding board. The shielding board can be double-wrapped with a wooden frame, and the bottom edge is treated as a sealing board edge. The intersection line between the shading board and the ceiling should be pressed down with the shed corner line. The fixing method of the shielding board can be fixed by shooting nails, or by pre-embedded wooden wedges, round nails, or expansion bolts.

3. Curtain track installation: Curtain tracks can be divided into single, double or triple tracks. The single curtain box generally installs the track first, and when the dark curtain box is on the track, the track should be kept in a straight line. There are three kinds of track types: I-shaped, grooved and round rod. The I-shaped curtain track is installed with its matching fixing claws. When installing, first put the fixing claws on the I-shaped curtain rail. There are three fixing claws per meter of curtain track installed on the wall or the wooden structure of the curtain box. For the installation of the grooved curtain rail, use a drill bit of φ5.5 to drill a small hole on the bottom surface of the grooved rail, and then use screws to pass through the small hole to fix the grooved rail on the top surface of the curtain box. During the installation of curtain boxes, attention should be paid to two aspects of installation quality and construction safety, which are very important issues in the installation of curtain boxes.

6. Quality issues that should be paid attention to in the installation of curtain boxes

1. Before installing the curtain box, you should do To ensure that the marking line is accurate, the installation elevation is consistent, the center line conforms to the regulations in the construction drawing, and the phenomenon of skewed installation of the curtain box and inaccurate position are avoided.

2. When installing the curtain box, you should carefully check the relevant dimensions, so that the two ends of the curtain box have the same length, so as to avoid the inconsistent length of the curtain box and affect its appearance.

3. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the curtain box cover should not be less than 15mm. For the cover less than 15mm, machine screws should be used to fix the curtain rail, otherwise the curtain rail will fall off.

4. When processing curtain box wooden products, the wood used must be fully dry. After entering the site, it is strictly prohibited to be stored with moisture, and a varnish should be applied in time after being polished during installation to prevent the front panel of the curtain box from being twisted. Phenomenon. Choose curtains according to the function of the room. A suitable curtain should focus on all aspects. It should not only play the function of filtering light, but also match the personality of the room in terms of shape and material.

5. Each space has a different expression. Only by choosing curtains that are coordinated with the use attributes of the room, furniture, interior decoration, etc., can a unified and harmonious overall beauty be formed, which will bring people a pleasing feeling .

Seven, living room 

1. The living room is the embodiment of the entire home environment, mainly responsible for meeting guests and entertainment functions. If you often watch TV in the living room, the light in the living room should not be too strong. It is recommended to choose thick cotton or polyester curtains with light blocking and heat insulation functions. If you want to make the living room brighter and more light because of the occlusion of the balcony, you can choose light-colored or light-transmitting thin fabrics and gauze curtains, and fabrics with hollows are also good choices. Just imagine, a light and transparent curtain can not only greatly reduce the visual depression, but also dance with the wind on windy days, allowing more sunlight and natural scenery to penetrate into the home, not to mention how beautiful it is !

2. Functional and decorative liftable curtains: The difference between liftable curtains and flat-drawn curtains is that its shape is relatively flat, without wrinkles, and can be adjusted according to the intensity of light. Weak and up and down. This style of curtains is generally suitable for window decoration in study rooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. It saves space and can also add points to the interior decoration effect.

3. In addition to the simple white and beige, the gray textured lifting curtain can make your living room more stylish-it can not only block the light, but also highlight the sense of luxury, as if indoors The space has also become artistic. In front of large floor-to-ceiling windows or bay windows, you can also use this kind of light-colored curtains with better light-shielding properties, which will not affect the openness of the space, but also block strong sunlight, creating a quiet and comfortable living environment for you.

Eight. Bedroom 

1. Bedroom curtains can be selected according to different users. For example, the curtains in the elderly room should consider the effects of sound insulation and light blocking, because the sleep quality of the elderly is not very good, the thicker the curtains such as cotton, linen or suede, the better the effect of sound insulation and light blocking, and it is more convenient. Wash and groom.

For young people’s bedrooms, you can choose curtains that are fresh and natural, or full of high-end (such as high-grade gray). In addition, the bedroom curtains can also be selected according to the orientation of the room. For the south-facing bedroom, you can choose suede material curtains with better light-blocking, heat-insulating, and sound-proof effects; while the curtains for the north-facing bedroom are relatively “casual” , as long as you pay attention to sound insulation and light blocking.

2. The color and matching of curtains: When choosing the color of curtains, it is still necessary to consider the “coordination” with the room style. Don’t make a hasty choice based on personal preference. You know, choosing the wrong curtains will not only affect the appearance of your home, but even make your home ugly. The color of the curtains must first be selected according to the color of the walls and floors of the space. Because the wall, ceiling and floor cover a relatively large range and will establish the main color of the entire space, using curtains of the same color or adjacent colors will give people a sense of unity, and the entire decoration is harmonious and unified. Warm and comfortable visual enjoyment.  

There are various brands of curtains on the market, and there are many types of Superman, and how to choose depends on everyone Thoughts, the curtains chosen for decoration do not know the color, quality and brand, but also depends on whether the layout he gave his home is the same. If it conflicts with the layout, you must pay attention to this point and modify the size. Well, the choice of curtains is not difficult. But be careful, don’t be fooled by unscrupulous merchants for spending money to edit this. In fact, my experience is that I found that the size was not suitable when I went home to install the curtains. Here, are you all going to choose the curtains?

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