The characteristics of European style curtains, how to match the color of European style curtains

No matter which style you choose for house decoration, hard decoration is only one aspect. If you want to show the decoration style, the soft decoration is the key point. The original function of curtains is to protect privacy, but now they are more like home decorations, and their status is very important. European-style curtains have become popular in recent years, so what are the characteristics of European-style curtains? How to match the colors of European-style curtains?

Features of European-style curtains

European-style luxury curtains inherit the ancient European ideological and cultural trends, and the patterns used are popular curly flowers, simple and concise The unique shape and detailed depiction techniques show a unique beauty of elegance. In terms of color, jujube red and brown are used interlaced to make the overall color harmonious and simple yet rich and gorgeous. In terms of style, the gorgeous atmosphere exuded by itself cannot be ignored, so it is suitable for overlapping amorous waves, layered amorous waves curtain head and curtain body, which is cumbersome and elegant, but it can also make the shape full of dynamic changes. On the decorative curtains, use some stable and gorgeous bead borders and tassels and some classic small accessories to give people an amazing visual luxury

How to match European curtain colors   &nbsp ;

1. Black + white + gray: If you like simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic and Mediterranean furniture, and this simple style must be black or gray as the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the popular gray in recent years into it to ease the visual conflict between black and white. This kind of space is full of cool modern and futuristic sense, rational, orderly and professional.    European-style curtains     

2. Blue + orange: the color combination is mainly blue and orange, expressing modernity and tradition, ancient and modern The rendezvous of each other collides with a visual experience that combines reality and retro flavor. These two colors can give the space a new life.    

3. Blue + white: Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling. Jazz has a long history, and people who are obsessed with it think “blues”. Not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, which really activates life and makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the kitchen decorated with blue works better. According to color psychology, seeing more blue will make people emotionally stable and think more rationally. The coolness and flawlessness of white make people feel very free and broad-minded, and the living space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature of the sea and sky.

4. Natural yellow + green: Goose yellow is a fresh and fresh color, representing the joy of new life. Fruit green is a tone that makes people feel calm, and can neutralize the lightness of yellow. This color matching method is very suitable for young couples.

The above are the characteristics of European-style curtains, how to match the colors of European-style curtains. European-style curtains are more ornate and exquisite in workmanship, and are very popular with people who like romantic and gorgeous feelings. Friends who like European-style curtains can go to a fabric store to buy them.

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