Teach you how to match curtains to make your little home beautiful!

When we choose curtains, we should not only consider whether the curtains look good, but also whether they match with our own home decoration, whether the color matches, and so on. There are skills in the matching of curtains. If you master a skill, the decoration of the entire space will also give people a refreshing feeling. Therefore, in terms of curtain matching, you should pay attention to the harmony of colors and the harmony of the surrounding environment. Let’s take a look How to match the curtains to look good, learn the matching skills of curtains.

1. The material of the curtain

I want the effect of the curtain matching It looks good, but we also need to consider the material of the curtain itself. If it is used in the living room, and the furniture in the living room is mostly made of fabric, solid wood or leather, we are more suitable to use fiber fabric curtains. For the bedroom, it is mainly based on warmth, help Sleep-based, you can also use lace or gauze curtains. This makes the whole space more textured. In this way, the matching of curtains depends on the occasion and space, and the decorative atmosphere of different spaces depends on these external colors for matching. Therefore, it is also skillful to know where to match what kind of curtains.

Second, the color matching of curtains

First of all, the color matching Matching skills, the main point is to match the color of the interior, and the second is that the colors of the curtains should not exceed three, otherwise it will give people a feeling of miscellaneous styles, which is not conducive to the precipitation of mood, and it is easy to make people feel irritable. The curtains should not be pink, which represents the luck of the peach blossoms, and it is said that it will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Color can affect mood, and this research is not groundless. Curtain collocation pays attention to color. After all, there are so many curtains with different colors, styles, designs and patterns.

Third, the choice of curtain thickness

Curtains are more important in matching skills It should be selected according to the indoor light. We all know that curtains are divided into single-layer and multi-layer. Single-layer curtains are suitable for rooms with moderate indoor light and shade, while multi-layer curtains are suitable for use when there is insufficient or too much light in the room.

Fourth, the color and style should match the sofa

Engaged in fabric home furnishing Ms. Liu, who has ten years of experience, told reporters: “Generally speaking, in modern-style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, and use hemp or polyester-cotton fabrics.” In terms of color, light colors are used, such as beige, beige, light gray, etc.; in European style, the colors of curtains are mostly brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; while Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown. “The curtains should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains.” In Jialiya Home Textiles and Style 2000 Home Furnishing Store, the life-experiential exhibition halls create a different style of home decoration atmosphere, and the curtains are integrated with the decoration style and furniture layout, which fully embodies this rule.

The curtains are installed in different ways in different spaces. The living room is more suitable for a more atmospheric installation method, and the bedroom can choose a more delicate one Installation method. To deal with the matching of curtains in different spaces, it mainly depends on your own preferences. The curtain matching mentioned by the editor is just for your reference!

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