Spend less money to buy the right curtains 4 key points for choosing curtains

There are many types of curtains on the market, and the quality, style, and accessories are also very different. Don’t worry, the editor is here to help you.

Point 1: Wrinkles depend on the situation

Generally, merchants who sell curtains will recommend curtains with double folds to consumers, mainly because of this When the curtains are opened, the three-dimensional folds are more obvious and the decoration is stronger. But it is unnecessary to blindly pursue more wrinkles. For thinner curtains, the amount of folds can be increased to 2.5-3 times depending on the situation; while for ordinary curtains, more folds will make them look bulky, so the gain outweighs the gain. Of course, the price of curtains with double folds is also doubled. Therefore, from an economic point of view, consumers can also choose flat curtains without wrinkles. Layer folds save a lot.

Point 2: The number of curtain layers should be determined according to the space

It is best to use double-layer curtains for purely private spaces like bedrooms; For a semi-private space, you can use a layer of curtains, choose thin curtain cloth or thicker gauze, which can not only isolate the sunlight, but also maintain a translucent state with the outside world. When choosing gauze curtains, the color should be in the same color system as the curtains, and the contrast should not be too large. If the color of the curtain is very complicated, try to reflect some elements of the curtain on the gauze curtain; if the curtain itself is very elegant, you can directly choose plain color such as white or a small amount of transparent jacquard for the gauze curtain.

Point 3: Non-essential accessories increase the overall price

The shapes of curtains are complex and changeable, and there are countless accessories and accessories for curtains. The accessories that must be used for a curtain include rails or curtain rods, hooks or curtain rings, and cloth tapes. In addition, there are window cherries, hanging rings, lead wires, hanging straps, balls, lace and other accessories that are just for decoration. Too many accessories not only increase the overall price of the curtains, but are also difficult to take care of. Cleaning is troublesome. Generally speaking, the accessories necessary for curtains are not very profitable for merchants. At this time, curtain merchants will claim to process curtains for consumers for free. In fact, many production costs will be added to some non-essential accessories. .

Point 4: Natural materials are more environmentally friendly

Curtain fabrics made of natural materials are more environmentally friendly, but some small manufacturers cannot avoid Use non-environmentally friendly slurry to print and dye pure cotton gray cloth. Therefore, when buying curtains, pay attention to choosing products from larger manufacturers as much as possible. When buying curtains, pay attention to the touch and look at the color. Good-quality cloth feels soft and smooth. When you hold it up to the light, you can see that the texture of the cloth is regular and fine. In addition, consumers can also check the labels of the fabrics. Fabrics with a high proportion of natural materials are relatively more environmentally friendly than pure fiber materials.

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