Soundproof curtains selection skills

Families in big cities or downtown areas have noisy surroundings and less peaceful night life, which brings serious troubles to people’s lives. But do With the corresponding sound insulation measures, the indoor noise will be reduced to a certain extent. Sound insulation curtains are a convenient and trouble-free choice for installation. Let’s find out how much the sound insulation curtains cost? What are the tips for purchasing sound insulation curtains.

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How much is the soundproof curtain?

1. There are many types of soundproof curtains on the market. Sound insulation curtains of different fabrics have different sound insulation effects, and there are corresponding differences in price. For a good sound insulation effect, try to choose good fabrics and curtains with higher thickness, so that the outside noise can be reduced by 10% – 20% % reduction, all kinds of curtains are divided into manual, electric and remote control, and the price will also be different.

2. In contrast, the price of manual soundproof curtains is relatively cheap. Similar to traditional curtains, its opening and closing method is very simple, but we need to do it manually. High-quality suede is a high-grade manual soundproof window material, and it will also be thickened, so it has a very good drape. At the same time, it is still It is a choice with good safety performance and high sound absorption.

3. Electric soundproof curtains can save the trouble of manual labor, and can control its opening and closing through buttons, and adopt the silent mode. If it is obstructed, it will automatically stop the protection click. If it is a power failure, it can also be opened and closed manually, so it is relatively more convenient.

4. The remote control is a convenient one, and you don’t need to walk back and forth It can control the opening and closing of the curtains, no matter in terms of material or performance, it is very guaranteed, and the service life is also very long. Of course, its price is also very high.

Sound insulation Tips for choosing curtains

1. If you need to install soundproof windows in the bedroom, you can install a push-pull soundproof window on the inside of the original window. If the two windows are closed at the same time, the soundproof effect has been very good. Push-pull The price of soundproof windows is cheaper than other types of soundproof windows. This method is more cost-effective.

2. If the balcony needs to install soundproof windows, it is recommended to choose casement aluminum alloy soundproof windows, casement windows for sound insulation The effect is better than that of sliding ones. Generally, only one soundproof window can be installed on the balcony to meet the demand. The price of casement soundproof windows is slightly more expensive than that of sliding soundproof windows, but the sound insulation effect is better.

3. If If the heat insulation function is needed, the aluminum alloy profile can be replaced with broken bridge aluminum.

4. If it is particularly sensitive to sound insulation and the noise is extremely strong, then you can choose ultra-high sound insulation of four-layer laminated glass Sound insulation windows, this kind of sound insulation windows are very good in terms of sound insulation, but the price is also high.

5. If you are more concerned about air quality, you can Choose ventilated and soundproof windows. The price is also more expensive than other types of soundproof windows.

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