Solid wood furniture with curtains, how to choose the right curtains?

Everyone knows that solid wood furniture has become more popular in recent years. The price will be high and durable. At this time, some people will wonder what color curtains should be matched with solid wood furniture. So how to choose the right curtain color for solid wood furniture and curtains? Next, the editor will discuss how to match curtains and furniture better.

Solid wood furniture with curtains

1. Living room furniture Based on calm dark tones, plain light yellow velvet fabrics are selected to affect the atmosphere of the overall space. The gauze curtains are selected with rhythmic circle patterns, and simple shapes and soft colors are used to embody simplicity, so as to get rid of cumbersome, Complicated, the pursuit of simplicity and natural psychology.

2. When choosing the curtains for this space, we chose curtains with coffee tones and cross-line patterns; the gauze curtains chose light purple with a sense of luxury. With simple shape and perfect details, it creates a fashionable and avant-garde feeling.

3. The bedroom is mainly in clean light tones, so for the matching curtains, choose dark shell pattern flannel fabrics to make the atmosphere of the space look quiet; the other home is mainly in light gray tones, and the curtains are selected Dark blue light printing to show a sense of calm. Choose light shades for sheer curtains.

4. The furniture style is an innovative style that combines Southeast Asian elements and traditional Chinese artistic conception. The home is in light white tones. In the choice of curtains, the method of contrasting shades is adopted, and the calm dark coffee-colored curtains are selected, and the gauze curtains are light-colored, which visually gives people a rustic cultural atmosphere.

How to choose the right curtains:

1. East window: As the sun rises in the east, the windows in the east room can quickly gather a lot of light, and the heat energy will also Diffuse quickly through the metal frame of the window. Therefore, the curtains on the east side should be able to prepare soft light for the owner who wakes up in the morning. If you choose an east-facing apartment, you may wish to choose vertical curtains with soft texture. They can let the owner enjoy the first ray of sunshine in the day through elegant tones and soft light.

2. The south window: The south window has sufficient light all year round and is an important source of natural light for the room. However, in the hot summer, sunlight with sufficient heat and ultraviolet rays is a bit redundant. Therefore, the curtains in the south should be sun-proof and UV-resistant.

3. West windows: venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated blinds, wooden curtains. In summer, the sun will increase the temperature of the room. Therefore, the windows on the west side should be closed frequently or covered. You can try to choose curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays to protect the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains, or specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices.

4. North windows: Italian Roman curtains suggest that cloth vertical curtains, thinner light-transmitting organ curtains, and roller blinds are more suitable for use on north windows. If the light enters the home from the north, it will appear very uniform and bright, and it is one of the most emotional natural light sources. Therefore, choose curtains with high transparency for the north windows instead of dark curtains with heavy texture.

The above content is a detailed introduction to the matching of solid wood furniture with curtains. At the same time, it is also a brief introduction to consumers based on how to choose suitable curtains. I hope these contents can help consumers.

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