Smart people who still install curtains? Now it is popular to dress like this, it is not only beautiful but also saves money

When decorating a house, many families will install curtains, not only for the purpose of blocking and protecting privacy, but also for decoration. But in recent years, more and more families have begun not to choose to install curtains. They feel that installing curtains is too common.

First, how to decorate without installing curtains?

Just like the current cars, they will choose film, and our window glass can also be The effect of the film is the same as that of the car window film. It can have the effect of heat insulation and sunshade. After pasting it, it will not affect our external sight, which is very convenient and beautiful.

Looking at the picture above, it is a window with a film on it. From the inside, it is the same as without the film. The visibility outside the window is very good It is high, but it is difficult for people outside to see inside, and they are completely invisible. Moreover, the film layer also has an explosion-proof function, even if the glass is broken, it will not fall to the ground together, and it has a buffering effect.

It is troublesome to make track bars and hang curtains because of the need for curtains, and it also takes up a small amount of space, and the track bars and the like The breakage rate is also high. Sticking the film is very convenient. It is not afraid of privacy leakage, and it can also insulate the heat. In summer, the room is affected by the heat insulation effect of the film layer, and the interior temperature will be much more comfortable than that of a family without the film.

But although the above are all the advantages mentioned above, in order to avoid suspicion, there are still some disadvantages, that is, you can still see the room when you turn on the lights at night, so in order to prevent privacy leaks, you still need to do something Precautions.

Second, what are the advantages of using glass film?

1 , reduce heat, reduce glare, increase comfort

Buildings today use more glass than ever before. The trend towards open floor designs, high ceilings and the use of large expanses of glass has become the preferred standard. But glass windows are energy wasters that everyone hates, and building owners and managers are increasingly concerned about glare, heat enhancement, and high energy consumption. Working in the office or relaxing at home in direct sunlight can lead to tiredness, eyestrain and distraction. Architectural film is a product that is installed directly on the inner surface of the window glass. It helps to correct the temperature imbalance in the strong sunlight area or the back-sun area, and disperses harsh and uncomfortable glare, making indoor employees more comfortable and efficient. higher.

2. Heat insulation and energy saving, reducing heating and cooling costs

Winter heat Loss through windows not only makes building occupants uncomfortable, but also adds unnecessary energy bills. Installing low-emissivity solar control film on the inner surface of ordinary single-layer glass can reduce heat loss by up to 30%. In summer, architectural membranes can reduce building cooling costs by blocking up to 79% of solar heat. The architectural film can reflect and absorb most of the solar infrared heat energy and can also reduce the thermal conductivity of the glass. Applying the architectural film to the inner surface of the glass can block up to 82% of solar heat from entering the room, greatly reducing the power consumption of air conditioning and cooling.

3. Blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays helps prevent premature fading

The medium ultraviolet rays of solar radiation are the cause of carpets, furniture, art paintings, The fading of curtains and chemical fiber fabrics can also lead to skin cancer. Architectural glass film allows visible light to enter while blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. At the same time, it reduces fading caused by the sun’s visible light.

4. Add visual beauty or privacy

Glass film can give the building a new and unique appearance, and its cost is only the cost of other renovations A small part, and will not cause inconvenience to the movement of indoor personnel. Deep dyed film, semi-reflective or total reflective film, with rich colors and patterns, providing architects with a wide range of design space. From the inside to the outside, the architectural film is comfortable and pleasant, blocking strong light and without deformation of the scene; from the outside to the inside, the appearance of the architectural film is coordinated, adding beauty to the building; the translucent or daytime sheet attached to the inside of your glass window The see-through film allows light to filter through, but blocks prying eyes from others. Also available in all-black film and a new range of frosted decorative films for interior partitions to a stunning effect.

5. Safety explosion-proof

The thermal insulation and explosion-proof film of architectural glass can improve the The strength is up to 400%, and it can effectively prevent glass fragments from hurting people. It is a reliable weapon against earthquakes, hurricanes and outdoor explosions, and it can also prevent criminals from breaking windows easily.

Glass film is a very common decorative material for window decoration. During decoration, you can choose the appropriate color according to your needs. When decorating, this kind of decoration material can not only ensure the protection of family privacy, but also make the home decoration more distinctive.

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