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Curtains are indispensable when we decorate. There are curtains in the living room and bedroom. If you want to decorate the living room in a simple European style, how should you choose the color of the curtains? Simple European What is the color of the style decoration curtain? Let’s learn about the simple European style decoration curtain color with the editor.

The quality of a curtain directly affects the overall style and grade of your house. When guests enter your living room, they will first see , not a sofa, not a TV, the first thing that catches the eye is your curtains. In the European-style living room, it is recommended to choose curtains with heavy texture and strong drape. Its texture should be mainly cotton and linen, and you must not choose silk that looks light and light. Flannel with better light-proof properties is also a good choice. In addition, European-style curtains must have a curtain head and be equipped with a curtain box to highlight the beauty and atmosphere, and the design and color are preferably large flowers. Curtains are one of the quickest and most convenient soft decorations to change the style of a room. Changing the curtains will change the style of the room. However, curtains are not only “beautiful” at all, they can also provide many practical functions, such as using light, creating privacy, and decorating space. This is the key element in choosing curtains for the living room. .

The color of the simple European curtain selection

Because most of the simple European decoration styles are white and light colors, and the furniture can be white or dark , but to form a series, the style is unified. Therefore, in the color tone chosen by the simple European curtains, it is mainly to complement the overall style. In fact, there is no certain limit on the color, indicating which color must not be used. The main thing is coordination.

Maintenance of simple European style curtains

1. Regularly clean and vacuum, do not let dust accumulate on the curtains, not only affect the appearance, but also It will also reduce its taste, and if there are many bacteria, it will also affect the health of the family.

2. European-style curtains are designed with a curtain frame. This frame is generally made of iron, with exquisite craftsmanship. It should be wiped more often, or a little oil can be applied to prevent it from rusting. Keep looking good.

3. The outstanding feature of European curtains is its wavy folds, which have a lot to do with the pulleys above. The distance between each pulley has a measurement, and it should be dripped with oil Keep it smooth and should also be checked regularly for damage etc.

4. If you find that the thread end of the curtain is loose, don’t tear it off with your hands at will. You should use scissors to cut it neatly to prevent it from being off-line.

Cleaning of simple European-style curtains

1. Vacuum once a week to keep dust away from the curtains, especially pay attention to remove the dust accumulated between the fabrics. If it is stained, you can wipe it with a clean rag dipped in water to avoid leaving marks, and you can wipe it from the periphery of the stain.

2. If the curtains are made of high-end and delicate materials such as velvet, they can be sent to a dry cleaner for cleaning. Use professional cleaning methods to protect the curtains and prolong their life. If it is cleaning in daily life, you can use a rag dipped in a neutral detergent to fully wipe the curtains, and then dry them with a clean cloth.

3. In daily life, pay attention to cleaning the curtain frame, wipe it with a clean rag dipped in water and let it dry naturally, so that the overall European-style curtains look gorgeous and beautiful.

The color of simple European style decoration curtains, the maintenance of simple European style curtains and the introduction of the cleaning of simple European style curtains are over here. The color of simple European style decoration curtains plays a very important role. You should also pay attention to the pattern of the curtains. I hope the editor can help everyone.

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