Should curtains be fitted with yarn? How to choose the curtain yarn in the living room?

Nowadays, we step on a lot of thunder when we are decorating. The installation of curtains is one of them. Many owners will choose to install a gauze curtain for the effect of decoration. Of course, some People think that gauze curtains are useless at all, and before they are wasted in vain, as people have more experience in decoration, whether to install gauze curtains has become a tangled issue. So the editor will introduce whether the curtains should be filled with yarn? How to choose the curtain yarn in the living room?

Should curtains be fitted with gauze

Curtains can be fitted with gauze , Of course, you don’t need to install it, but there are still many benefits to installing gauze curtains.

1. Protecting privacy

In fact, window screens, like curtains, also have the function of protecting privacy, because window screens have the function of one-way perspective, so window screens also have a certain degree of privacy protection at this time effect.

2. Adjust the indoor light

The window screen can adjust the indoor light to meet everyone’s needs for indoor lighting.

3. Blocking mosquitoes

The function of curtain yarn is to ensure the circulation of indoor air, and at the same time to block mosquitoes flying from outside.

4. Decoration

It would be too monotonous and stiff to hang curtains alone at home. And if window screens are added, the looming window screens will also add a bit of fun to the interior space.

5. Ventilation

The window screen is lighter and thinner than the transparent curtain and will not block the flow of air.

How to choose the living room curtain yarn

Curtain yarn is a kind of chemical fiber The raw material is a very light and thin gauze, which is usually matched with curtains. The outside is a layer of curtains, and the inside is a layer of screens. This kind of curtain yarn matched with curtain fabric can not only add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the living room, but also has the characteristics of soft lighting, ventilation and ventilation. It can make people see and adjust people’s nervous mood, giving people a hazy feeling.

In today’s health and environmental protection, people’s awareness of environmental protection and attitude towards life have become optimistic and positive. While pursuing quality life, we must also pay attention to environmental protection. Especially in our home decoration, it not only needs to be beautiful, but also will not affect people’s health. The function of curtain yarn is to realize the self-regulation of warm in winter and cool in summer, and it also has the functions of heat insulation and one-way perspective.

1. Color. Home decoration must first be comfortable, not only to look comfortable, but also to be comfortable to use. When choosing curtain yarn, try to choose some soft colors, the comfort of the room and the overall tone are the most important. This can not only reflect the heat insulation and privacy protection functions of curtain yarn, but also bring a clean and simple feeling to the whole room, and bring noble and gorgeous enjoyment to people’s vision and soul.

2. Function: Curtain yarns choose curtain yarns with good light transmission, UV protection and heat insulation. When enjoying the sunshine, they will not be burned by the sun, and can also enhance human health. . This practical and decorative curtain yarn makes the living room more comfortable, pure and tasteful. It is suitable for use in summer, so that you can enjoy a summer without the heat and spend it easily at home.

The above is the introduction of the editor, should the curtains be filled with yarn? How to choose the curtain yarn in the living room? We have already understood the problem of gauze curtains. It is generally recommended to install gauze curtains, especially in summer. Installing gauze curtains depends on your own needs and aesthetics, and decides according to your own needs.

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