RV knowledge | RV winter anti-freeze survival guide

In the winter, the car, like people, needs to find ways to “warm up.”

In the winter with the caravan, the car encountered “all kinds of freezing” problems; how to do that? Learn the following tricks, and then the cold weather, as usual, is easy to start.

Warm up a car before you go?

“Car warm-up” is a clichéd topic in winter, but in the end, is it necessary?

Origin: The concept of “car preheating” comes from the “carburetor era” 20 years ago; before the engine reaches the optimal operating temperature, it can not be well atomized, which affects the regular operation of the engine, so it needs. Therefore, the process of “car warm-up” is needed.

The correct method: 30 seconds to a minute after the car is started on the road, but at this time, do not drive at high speed; it should be kept at a low speed, and keep engine speed to not more than 3000 rpm as the limit, generally maintain 2000 rpm is appropriate. After the engine temperature rises to the average working temperature, it will take about 3 to 5 minutes or 4 km distance, and then resume normal driving.

Ice in the windshield, flush with hot water?

The most worrying thing in winter is that the windows are icy; how to do, with hot water to flush? Wrong! Do not; this is the wrong approach! Glass in sudden cold and sudden heat is easy to burst, and even some people will directly take the wiper scraping open, but the wiper is likely to open due to excessive resistance and burn the motor!

Correct practice:

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Shovel off the upper layer of relatively soft snow with a snow shovel.

Use a defroster to accelerate the melting of the lower layer of solidified ice and then sweep it away. It’s best to take precautions. The first is to rub a raw onion on your windows and windshield the night before; the other is to cover your windshield with a rubber bath mat.

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You can heat your car’s atmosphere without waiting for the engine to warm within 60 seconds. Effectively allows you to defrost or demist your window quickly.

Cold! Get in the car and turn on the warm air first.

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Because the weather is too cold, we are used to a car on the air conditioning blowing warm air. But the winter has just started the vehicle; the tank temperature is still very low; prematurely opening the air conditioning not only can not quickly heat but also increase the burden on the engine, causing loss of battery. There is also a part of the owners who are used to not turning off the air conditioning on the ignition, resulting in the start of the vehicle; the engine drives the air conditioning start, resulting in increased engine load.

Correct practice: open the air conditioning after two minutes of starting the vehicle, first about a minute to the cold air out of the car, and then from the external circulation to the internal circulation. Turn off the air conditioning two minutes before turning off the engine, both environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

Wipers freeze, force start?

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After the snow wiper is easy to be frozen on, many people will be forced to open the wiper, damaging the wiper motor.

Correct practice: If you go out early in the morning and find the wiper is frozen, sticky windshield, the correct way is to turn on the air conditioning to hot air, blowing mode rotate to the “windshield” gear, a while work wiper will naturally open.

In addition, when the snow is parked for a long time, standing up, the wipers can prevent the wipers from freezing. Or use a soft rag with strong external alcohol, and wipe the wipers. The alcohol will prevent the wipers from freezing on the glass, so it works even in the coldest weather of the year.

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