Quotation for curtains? What curtains are good?

There are many types of curtains, one of the must-haves for decoration. There are many types of curtains, such as window screens, curtains of different materials, etc., and the prices are also different. So how much is the price of curtains? What kind of curtains are good? Different brands of curtain fabrics are also different, so everyone needs to know more about relevant content. There are certain references for purchasing curtains. content and common sense.

Quotation for curtains?

1. The price of curtains is about 45-160 yuan/meter. For example, the price of grass curtains and hemp curtains is about 45-75/square meter. The price of some printed roller blinds is about 20-45 yuan per square meter. Venetian blinds are used more often in bathrooms to prevent moisture, and their price is about 45-75 yuan per square meter.

2. The chemical fiber fabric is relatively smooth, and it does not shrink so easily. It is also easier to take care of and has a bright color. Moreover, the price of curtains made of this kind of fabric is relatively cheap, and its price is about 15-30 yuan.

3. Pure cotton and linen fabrics are more comfortable to the touch. This kind of curtain is more suitable for rural home life. As for its price, it is about 25- 45 yuan / meter range.

4. Silk fabrics have better gloss, soft touch, and rich colors. The use of this kind of curtain can also improve the overall grade, but its price will be relatively high, and its price is about 120-400 yuan/meter.

What curtains are good?

1. First of all, when choosing, you must choose according to the different requirements of users. If you pay more attention to the effect of sound insulation and light blocking, then here is my suggestion Choose curtains with thicker fabrics. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain fabric, the better the effect of sound insulation and light blocking.

2. If your home is decorated in a modern style, the curtains are more suitable for cotton and linen fabrics. This kind of fabric can not only block light, but also soundproof. The main reason is that this kind of fabric is also easy to take care of Easy and popular with young people.

3. For the large curtains or bay window curtains in the living room, it is more appropriate to choose light-colored curtains. First of all, light-colored curtains will look better. This kind of tulle or thin cloth material will be more suitable.

4. What kind of curtains are good? If you want both lighting and shading, you can consider using double-layer curtains. Curtains with a thick layer of silk fabric can be used to avoid light.

5. For bedroom curtains, you can choose curtains with thicker fabrics or traditional fabrics. Relatively speaking, its shading effect will be better. Match it so that it looks more coordinated.

6. For the study or guest room, you can consider using a combination of thicker fabric and tulle, which can meet the light and bright, and also have the effect of sound insulation.

What is the price of the curtains? The price of different curtains is introduced above. You can compare them. Generally, the price of curtains has a certain relationship with the size and fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to know more about the quotation of curtains and what kind of curtains are good. It plays a decisive role in the purchase of curtains. These little common senses You can find out, it will help you to choose.

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