Precautions for custom-made curtains? Curtain material type?

Generally, when we buy curtains, we make them to order, because the size of the windows in each family will be different, so the size of the curtains will also be different. We also have some things to pay attention to when custom-made curtains, and the materials of custom-made curtains are also different. So let’s introduce the precautions for custom-made curtains? Curtain material type?

Precautions for custom-made curtains

1. The price of finished curtains is at least lower than that of custom-made curtains Low 30%

To complete the purchase of traditional custom-made curtains, you have to go through multiple links such as sample viewing, payment, measurement, procurement, customization, and installation. The asking price is thousands of dollars. Standardized finished curtains are produced on an industrialized assembly line. Large-scale production improves production efficiency and reduces costs. It is understood that the price of a pair of finished curtains is at least 30% lower than that of custom-made curtains.

2. If the pattern is too fancy, the formaldehyde content may exceed the standard

In the production process of curtains, many manufacturers will add auxiliary components such as resin, and in the later stages of printing and dyeing, it is necessary to add a variety of Dyes, auxiliaries, finishing agents, many of these substances contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. Generally speaking, the more fancy patterns and brightly colored curtains, the more formaldehyde they contain. Consumers should try their best to choose light-colored curtains when purchasing.

3. Too many accessories are useless

The mantle head, cloth belt, lead pendant, tie ball, lace… all kinds of curtain accessories look Dazzling. People in the industry believe that curtains with complex shapes and many accessories will not increase the use value of the curtains at all, except that they will increase the cost. Moreover, this kind of curtains are often ostentatious but not useful. There are too many accessories, which are difficult to take care of and maintain.

4. Curtains can also insulate heat, control temperature and prevent ultraviolet rays

If you think that curtains are only used to block light and protect privacy, then you are OUT! Now there is a kind of polarized curtain called Yikespinn on the market. In addition to shading, it can also insulate heat and prevent ultraviolet rays. In summer, it can reduce the indoor temperature by 6-12°C and greatly reduce the use of air conditioners. Powerful function of blocking ultraviolet rays, can filter 99.8% of ultraviolet rays, effectively protect skin health and prolong the service life of indoor furniture.

Types of Curtain Material

1. Cloth curtain

There are also many kinds of curtains, including silk fabrics, cotton: plant fiber , the main advantages are moisture absorption, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, but cotton is easy to wrinkle, cannot be dyed with bright colors, easy to fade, aging quickly, will shrink to a certain extent after washing, poor elasticity, poor resistance, strong alkali resistance, easy to grow Mildew, but resistant to insects.

2. Roman blind

A kind of pull-up fabric curtain, which is characterized by being simpler than the traditional curtain on both sides, so it can make the interior feel larger. When pulled up, it is more special than other pull-up curtains. It has a folded and layered feeling, which adds a sense of beauty to your windows. If you need to block the light, you can also add a blackout cloth behind the Roman shade.

3. Sheer curtain

Good luster, bright and luxurious, the fabric is light and soft, suitable for summer clothing, good hygroscopicity, cool, and naturally contains silk protein Wearing close-fitting is good for skin health. Disadvantages are shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and need to be ironed. Special attention should be paid to the storage of clothes, and acid detergent should be used when washing.

What we have introduced above are the precautions for custom-made curtains? Regarding the related issues of curtain material types, we should have some understanding of these issues. For custom-made curtains, there are still some details that need to be paid attention to, such as the measurement of some sizes and so on. If we want to customize curtains, we can refer to what we have introduced for you, hoping to help you.

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