Precautions for color matching of sofa and curtains? Color matching of sofa and curtains?

An elegant and generous curtain can not only show the owner’s taste, but also make the owner feel happy, and the comfort of the sofa can affect the guest’s mood and show the owner’s vision It also has a unique function, so how to match the two extremely important things, the sofa and the curtains, and how to match them well? Next, I will start from the precautions for color matching of sofas and curtains and tips for color matching of sofas and curtains Here are some suggestions for you.

Precautions for sofa and curtain color matching?

Windows and walls cover large areas of your home, so a touch of touch to these two areas can have an immediate effect on changing the mood and style of a room. In terms of wallpaper, you may not need to lay or replace it in a large area. You only need to selectively paste some wallpapers dotted with floral patterns. With fresh flowers, the whole living room comes alive immediately. The living room, filled with sunlight and the fragrance of flowers, follows the footsteps of spring.

In terms of the choice of curtains, in order to ensure sufficient light in the room, it is recommended to choose fabrics with better light transmission. If you are worried about the privacy being affected, you can use double curtains. From the perspective of color and pattern, flower patterns and geometric figures are the most popular in recent years, highlighting the two themes of nature and art. Colors similar to nature, such as coffee, khaki, and grass green, are back in fashion, while light-colored curtains such as blue, gray, silver and other neutral colors are also highly praised by designers for their fresh and quiet colors.

Generally speaking, fabric sofas can show their talents in changing seasons. Go to a fabric shop and ask someone to tailor a new dress with fresh colors for your sofa to adapt to the breath of spring; or pull a few meters of light-toned fabric and cover it directly on the fabric sofa, making it more free and easy. According to the designer of IKEA, nowadays, the fabrics used to make sofas are deeply influenced by the fashion trend of curtain fabrics, and they pay attention to the matching combination with curtain fabrics. Therefore, when choosing sofa fabrics, you can also refer to the style of curtains to choose.

Tips for color matching of sofas and curtains?

1. Gray always gives people a sense of sophistication and atmosphere, and it is refreshing when paired with simple and fresh dandelions Feel. Dandelions flying all over the sky bring back our childhood memories. The simple space decorated with pure white sofas, and the curtains with fashionable and gorgeous flower patterns add a fashionable atmosphere. The pattern of the red armchair, like an abstract flower, complements the floral pattern of the curtains.

2. Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofas, paired with a lake-green light background wall, set off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the coordination between the curtains and the sofa, and pillows such as light yellow, stripes, and checks can also be matched. When white is here, maybe there is no need to use any color matching, let the natural light shine through the clear lake water to set off the purity and beauty of the space. The feeling of freshness and comfort is always exuded from these white and light green.

3. The elegant turquoise sofa is covered with flower patterns, and black roses bloom all over the window lattice. The originally uncoordinated turquoise and black colors are coordinated because of the echoes of birds and flowers. The bright red contrasts the blue-green sofa background with the blue bird pattern that indicates happiness and auspiciousness, and then echoes it with the blooming roses. The two materials of similar materials make the patterns of flowers and birds blend with each other. The colors that do not match It can also be well integrated.

4. The gray European-style sofa has a noble feeling, but the fashionable living room needs more approachable gentleness and kindness, so gray and lavender are added to form a gentle, mysterious, elegant and unique living room space. Putting a small plant in a pot makes this living room different.

5. Off-white two-person sofa, matched with lake green light linen curtains, sets off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the lake green of the curtains, light green, light yellow, stripes, plaid and other pillows can also be matched.

The perfect combination of sofa and curtains can make the whole room look extraordinarily beautiful, so it is recommended that you not only pay attention to the brand and quality of the two when choosing between the two, but also pay attention to The color matching between the two, and I hope the above suggestions can be helpful to everyone.

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