Nowadays, the windows of many families do not need to install curtains, and it is popular to do so, which is heat-insulating and beautiful

The decoration of windows should not only pay attention to the decoration method, but also pay attention to the decoration skills. Nowadays, many families choose not to install curtains when decorating windows. The curtains are even more beautiful. Many families in the heart of Kudo began to choose this kind of decoration, which is not only beautiful but also insulated. Let’s learn more about it together.

First, let’s see how to do it without curtains

For the beauty and privacy of the house, every window will be equipped with curtains, most of which are used Roman rods, curtain boxes and other tools to hang curtains. Good-looking is good-looking. It is really troublesome to remove and wash the curtains. After one wash, the curtains are completely deformed, which is heartbreaking. In order to save the trouble of hanging and cleaning the curtains, smart people will choose to stick a film on the glass.

This kind of window film does not need to install curtains, the window with film can effectively block light, heat insulation and privacy protection effect. After the window film is pasted, you can’t see the home from the outside, but you can see the outside at home, so you don’t need to pull the curtains every day, and you don’t need to remove and wash them. It’s simple and practical.

Traditional fabric curtains have to be made to order, which usually takes half a month to a month, and is very expensive. Cloth curtains are easy to accumulate dust and cannot be scrubbed and must be washed in the washing machine. Some heavy curtains cannot be shaken by the washing machine at all. The washing machine will be damaged and can only be sent to dry cleaning.

Window film is much more convenient, it can be used for 10 years, it is easy to stick, and the effect is the same as that of curtains. If you want to replace it, you just need to tear it off and replace it with a new one, which is very simple and convenient. Now there are many styles of window film, including pastoral style and European style.

Second, what are the functions of window film?

1. Now we Let’s talk about the advantages of doing this. If we put a layer of film on it, it can make it look brand new. Usually we will inevitably have some scratches and damage. Compared with the second renovation, its The cost will be much less. Some films have patterns and colors, and after being pasted on the windows, they can be used as a shelter for the living room and protect the privacy of the owner.

2. Due to the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays on its surface, some items in the home will fade after a long time, such as: carpet , furniture, artwork, curtains, etc., can lead to skin cancer in severe cases. Home glass film, on the other hand, allows visible light in while blocking harmful UV rays and reduces fading caused by the sun’s visible light.

3. It is more convenient and simple to operate, and can be directly installed on the surface of the window. It can disperse strong sunlight, let the sunlight spread out more evenly, and make the sunlight no longer glaring, which can make the people in the room more comfortable. Direct sunlight can cause tiredness, eyestrain and distraction if people rest at home or work indoors. Although the sun is good, the feeling of being exposed to direct sunlight is still very annoying and harmful to human health.

4. It also has a function of blocking heat. Paste it on the surface of the window, the film can reflect and absorb a lot of infrared heat energy in the sun, thereby reducing the heat transfer coefficient of the glass and reducing the cooling cost of the room.

For the decoration of windows, everyone must pay attention to the specific decoration methods. Windows have the function of heat insulation and blocking ultraviolet rays, which can make family life more comfortable. Now that the weather is hot, installing a film on the windows can also make the room cooler, make the family’s life more comfortable, and prevent the room from being too hot.

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