My wife chose the curtains like this, which made me fall in love with going home, it’s so beautiful!

The selection of curtains is very knowledgeable and requires sufficient homework. The selection of curtains in each functional area has its own meaning, which may allow us to clearly divide the area. Once the curtains are chosen, we can turn our home into a smart city! When the evening breeze blows, the curtains dance by the window, making your home more comfortable and beautiful. The curtains chosen in this way will make your husband fall in love with going home, come and learn from the editor!

1. The function of curtains

1. The space light is full of changes: indoor The light can be artificially created. For a room with a relatively large window opening rate, it is advisable to use gauze curtains with different patterns, so that when the light comes in, the light and shadow will change, making the space layer richer.

2. Long rooms appear shorter: Use eye-catching patterns at the narrow ends. For example, you can use curtains that coordinate with the wall decoration at one end of the room, while installing a decorative curtain at the other end. Define floor partitions with well-defined patterns such as rugs or trim strips laid across the floor.

3. Sound absorption: For the audio-visual room or study room, a very important function of choosing soft wall and carpet is sound absorption, which can absorb the noise from the outside and effectively enhance the indoor noise. Acoustic effect is conducive to improving the indoor sound environment.

4. Make the narrow room appear wider: if the pattern is not good, the curtains should come together! The linear pattern carpet is used horizontally on the floor, and the irregular lines on the wall, the pillar bed and the gauze curtains hanging from it can also extend the space, so that the bedroom with a small area will not look oppressive.

5. Make the space look high: use harmonious “vertical” stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows, and use eye-catching curtains of the same color but different colors to contrast with the walls , to elongate the space ratio.

6. Privacy protection: The purpose of curtains is to protect privacy. Different indoor areas have different standards for privacy requirements. For areas with strong privacy such as bedrooms and washrooms, people not only do not want to see them, but even do not even want to see their shadows. This requires consumers to consider the differences in the privacy of each area when choosing different curtains.

Second, understanding of curtains

1. Material

Curtain fabrics are generally natural cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic, etc. . When choosing curtain fabrics, it is recommended to use cotton or linen fabrics, and use less chemical fiber fabrics as far as possible. The air permeability is poor, and there are many kinds of fabrics. When you choose fabrics, you often prefer to choose patterns

2. Curtain fabrics Size

The height of a roll of cloth is fixed, so curtain cloth can be divided into fixed height cloth and fixed width cloth. There are two types of fixed-height fabrics: 2.8 meters and 2.1 meters. The specification of fixed-width fabrics is 1.45 meters. When you buy curtains, ask a question to ensure that you look professional.

When choosing fabrics, you must ask clearly about the amount. Many merchants will tell you to make folds and patchwork in order to sell more fabrics , Basically, each window will increase the cost of one or two meters of cloth, which is not worth it. You can set the spacing of the folds. It is good to add a part to the actual purchase. The last time I ordered curtains was a five-meter cloth. After choosing the fabric, the store said that this is a striped cloth that needs to be patchwork to make it look uniform and beautiful. In the end, I bought a seven-meter cloth abruptly. I really cheated you. After ordering the fabric, you need to order accessories. The accessories that must be equipped with curtains include cloth belts, lace, guide rails, hooks, pulleys, pendants and other large and small accessories. In some stores, the accessories are more expensive than the fabrics. When buying curtains, they only pay attention to the price of the fabrics. If the accessories are not carefully calculated, a lot of money will be robbed. Some stores also charge free accessories and only charge for labor and fabrics. In fact, the price is included in the In the fabric, how to save money, you must compare the price before ordering. Even accessories can be purchased on Taobao by yourself, which is very cheap. In addition, the height of the curtain is 2.8 meters. Generally, 2 meters is enough, and the remaining materials will save a lot. It is more cost-effective to pay some labor costs to process it into pillowcases and tablecloths.

3. Types of curtains

Curtains are divided into two parts: curtain cloth and curtain rod, which are commonly used in families Curtains are mostly used in combination of curtain fabric and curtain yarn. Curtain fabric can achieve good decoration and shading effects, and window gauze can be used alone to achieve shade without shading. There are also families who like to use roller shutters. Of course, this depends on the overall style of the space.

Third, blackout curtains

1. Coated blackout cloth: Dye and coat ordinary fabrics to achieve shading effect. Generally, there are silver-coated, flocking, etc., and this kind of fabric has two or more layers;

2. Weaving shading cloth: the fabric that directly achieves the function of shading through the weaving method. Tissue design, a layer of black silk is woven into the middle of the cloth during weaving to achieve the shading effect. After post-processing and finishing, it can be subdivided into the following types:

(1) Flame-retardant shading cloth: with fire-resistant The shading cloth with flame retardant function is divided into fiber flame retardant shading cloth and finishing flame retardant shading cloth,

(2) Embossed shading cloth: shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed and finished with flame retardant, through special equipment Press to show various pattern effects, and then make embossed blackout cloth,

(3) Printed blackout cloth: blackout cloth that has been dyed or dyed and flame-retardant finished, through transfer printing or paint printing and other methods , fix dyes on the cloth surface to make printed blackout cloth;

(4) Jacquard blackout cloth: Through tissue design, various patterns are woven to present various pattern effects and can be shaded Fabric;

According to requirements, it can also be made into waterproof, oil-proof, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial three-proof shade cloth, hot silver shade cloth, offset printing shade cloth, etc.

The above is the introduction of curtains. Curtains are more powerful. For our lives, they can protect our privacy and also play a role in decoration. Picking a good curtain can embellish your imperfect home decoration. Curtains occupy a large area of our field of vision, so it has a strong sense of presence. Curtains are one of the most important soft furnishings for us to create different styles!

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