Knowledge analysis of soundproof curtains Reasonable collocation is better

Sound-proof curtains, as the name suggests, are a type of curtain with better sound-proof effect than ordinary curtains. Sound-proof curtains help people avoid noise, and give everyone a warm and quiet living environment Friends who have used soundproof curtains will definitely find it effective. In fact, soundproof curtains are not completely soundproof. Compared with ordinary curtains, the effect of soundproof curtains is better. Then we might as well learn about someKnowledge of soundproof curtains, see if soundproof curtains are useful.

1. Briefly describe the principle of soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains, It can isolate the noise outside the window. When the soundproof curtain is installed, the two sides of the window are respectively equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively. The sides are equipped with grooved sealing strips, and they are all in the same plane, so as to achieve the sound insulation effect of completely closing the windows with curtains.

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Second, the characteristics of soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains have the following characteristics, which can effectively reduce the noise pollution from outdoor to indoor. Stronger noise will have adverse effects on people’s physiology and psychology. In daily work and living environment, noise is mainly Cause hearing loss, interfere with conversation, thinking, rest and sleep. According to the survey of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), working in an environment with a noise level of 85 decibels and 90 decibels for 30 years, the possibility of deafness is 8% and 18% respectively. It is difficult to talk in an environment with a noise level of 70 decibels. According to the survey results of residents around the factory, the noise level threshold for disturbing sleep and rest is 50 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.

< strong>1) Sound insulation curtains can increase the sound insulation by 8-12 decibels (low frequency sound insulation is large) and can replace the second layer of double-layer sound insulation windows. Used alone, the sound insulation can be as high as 20 decibels and can be used as indoor activity insulation Sound barrier.

2) You can choose the function of shading or non-shading in the soundproof curtain according to your own needs. Different indoor areas have different concerns about privacy The public activity area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. Most of the family living rooms open the curtains and are decorated in most cases. For bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas, people Not only it is not required to be seen, but also the shadow cannot be seen. This has caused the problem of choosing different curtains in different areas. The living room We may choose a fabric that is translucent, while the bedroom uses a thicker fabric for shading and privacy.

3) There are three rolling methods of soundproof curtains: manual, electric and remote control, which are more convenient to use and operate, which reflects the demand for intelligence to a certain extent.

4) There are many kinds of fabrics to choose from (sound insulation materials). On the basis of sound insulation, the decorative effect cannot be ignored. Curtains are always a beautiful scenery.

5) The sound insulation materials of the sound insulation curtains do not contain formaldehyde, and the environmental protection performance is particularly good.

Third, the material of the soundproof curtain

The material of the soundproof curtain It is a multi-functional decorative sound-absorbing panel made of imported poplar pure wood fiber. It does not contain cement, any harmful ingredients and organic volatile gases. Its technological process fully meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. Soundproof curtains are as strong as cement, and at the same time have multiple functions such as noise absorption, impact resistance, fire prevention, moisture resistance, and mildew resistance. The effect of good quality sound insulation curtains will naturally be felt clearly.

Fourth, how to insulate soundproof curtains

Simply speaking, soundproof curtains are better than ordinary curtains in terms of sound insulation. After the curtain stretches out from the curtain box, it enters the curtain bottom groove through the curtain chute and the bottom edge of the curtain, and the window is completely closed, so that the window is completely closed with the curtain to perform sound insulation.

5. Selection of soundproof curtains

When choosing soundproof curtains, the texture of the curtains is preferably flocking, cotton, linen, and some curtain fabrics require Environmentally friendly material (formaldehyde free). Generally speaking, thick curtains have better sound absorption effect, and curtains with good texture can reduce external noise by 10%-20%.

Six, the price of soundproof curtains

In fact, every kind of curtain has the same effect, more or less will play a certain role in soundproofing, the price of soundproofing curtains The price is generally four to five hundred yuan-about a thousand per square meter for higher-grade curtains. Generally, we can choose mid-range curtains, about 800 yuan/square meter. Mid-range curtains, such as pleated curtains, are available both domestically and imported, and are relatively cost-effective. In terms of performance, they can be divided into blackout half shade, yarn, pattern, etc. There are hundreds of German and domestic varieties of fabrics.

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Seven. Maintenance of soundproof curtains

1) To make soundproof curtains work normally, more attention should be paid to maintenance in daily life. Because the curtain box on the top has a winding shaft, it is necessary to check regularly here to see if the winding shaft can rotate smoothly, whether it will be dry or stuck, and it should be lubricated frequently.

2) Similarly, there are chutes on the top and bottom of the soundproof curtain, and the curtain is driven up and down by the coil spring and the down cable or the up cable. Special lubricating oil should be used to keep it in a smooth sliding environment , will not get stuck.

3) Try to avoid using it in strong winds. You can pull down the soundproof curtain after closing the window, otherwise it is easy to damage the upper and lower fixing chute of the soundproof curtain.

4) Pay attention to dust removal at ordinary times, do not let dust accumulate in the chute of the curtain, otherwise it will get stuck or damage the curtain.

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< strong>VIII. Cleaning of soundproof curtains

1) To clean soundproof curtains, you should develop the habit of daily dust removal. If possible, you can often use a vacuum cleaner or duster to remove the dirt on the surface of the curtains .

2) Because of the sound insulation effect, try not to take it out and wash it directly in the water. You can choose to use a sponge or a soft rag to dip some warm water or soap solution back and forth, and put it on Wash off all the dirt, and then put down the curtains to dry naturally, and then roll them up after they are dry.

3) The curtains are hung on the window and are directly exposed to a lot of dust and sand, which will inevitably hide dirt. There is a curtain box on the top of the soundproof curtain. In addition to the usual lubrication, it should also be wiped clean with a paper towel or rag, so as not to let dust and sand affect its operation.

4) There will also be dust accumulated in the chute of the soundproof curtain, remember to wipe it off gently, sometimes you can use an old toothbrush to sweep out the dirty things if you can’t touch it.

Soundproof curtains are not only practical, but also very easy to maintain and clean. They can be wiped and washed, and are made of environmentally friendly materials. Say safe and secure.

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