It turns out that the curtain box can be installed in this way, so beautiful, let the sun shine!

Curtains are already an indispensable part of our home decoration. It not only plays the role of shading and heat insulation, but also has a good decorative effect. Then we see , When many families install curtains, they also add a curtain box, so is it necessary to install this curtain box?

One: What are the benefits of installing a curtain box

1. Concealed and beautiful.

The curtains at home are made of rails and Roman rods. We will obviously see that the rails and Roman rods, no matter how high-quality Roman rods you choose, we can always see this lever, which is actually very ugly. The curtain box is a thing that hides the head of the curtain. A groove is reserved in the ceiling. The Roman rod is fixed in this groove, so that we cannot see the curtain rod, making the decoration of the curtain more fashionable. Use the curtain box to hide the Roman pole or slide rail pole, the overall look is more beautiful, fashionable and beautiful!

2. Curtains can be installed.

In addition, if you use a curtain box, you can also install a window curtain, which is also a decorative detail of the curtain. After installing the window curtain, the room decoration effect will be better. More suitable for installing curtains.

3. In terms of cleanliness, there are pros and cons.

In terms of sanitation, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that after the concealed curtain box is made, there is no need to worry about the problem of dust falling on the top. If the Roman rod is used, a lot of dust will accumulate on the Roman rod after a long time. The disadvantage is that when you need to remove the curtains for cleaning, it is not easy to remove.

Second: What are the types of curtain boxes?

1. External hanging curtain box

External hanging curtain box, also known as outer cover curtain box, as the name suggests, is a curtain box designed above the window, usually a long raised box-like object is created above the window , for installing curtain rollers. This kind of curtain box is more decorated in the interior without ceiling, or people who want the simple shape of the curtain box will also choose this kind of curtain box. It should be noted here that the size of the curtain box needs to be paid attention to during construction, such as its width must be 1-2 inches wider than the window. If it is as wide as the window, the curtain may not be able to completely block the light, and there will be light leakage and cracks.

The advantage of the external curtain box is that it is simple in design and easy to install. Even if there is no ceiling at home, it can be easily installed and looks very high-end.

2. Semi-embedded curtain box

Semi-embedded curtain box is also the most common style of curtain box. Generally, semi-embedded curtain boxes can be combined with air-conditioning pipes, which can not only hide pipelines and hardware tracks, but also increase the overall sense, and perfectly combine electrical appliances with curtain boxes to create an integrated effect. It should be noted here that if the area below the curtain box is the moving line area, it must be sealed to avoid the formation of a visual gap and achieve the effect of decoration and beautification.

3. Embedded curtain box

Embedded curtain box is generally only convenient to make when there is a suspended ceiling. The design of the embedded curtain box should be designed before the ceiling. When making the ceiling, the ceiling should not be full, and the original height should be reserved by the window, and enough space should be reserved for making curtain pulleys in it, so that the curtain can Embedded, the height of the curtain is the same as the height of the roof after completion.

The embedded curtain box can make the indoor curtains look more neat and upscale, and the curtains that are consistent with the floor height will also make the indoor height look higher. In addition, you can also install indirect lighting, It can increase the atmosphere of the space. However, the embedded curtain box has certain restrictions and must be installed with a suspended ceiling, and it needs to be designed early, otherwise the suspended ceiling cannot be installed after the installation is completed.

Three: Precautions for curtain box installation

1. Before the curtain box is installed, the marking is accurate, the installation elevation is consistent, the center line conforms to the regulations in the construction drawing, and the phenomenon of skewed installation of the curtain box and inaccurate position are avoided.

2. When installing the curtain box, you should carefully check the relevant dimensions, so that the lengths protruding from both ends of the curtain box are the same, so as to avoid the inconsistency of the protruding length of the curtain box and affect its appearance.

3. Generally, the thickness of the cover plate of the curtain box is greater than 15mm, and the cover plate less than 15mm should use machine screws to fix the curtain rail.

4. When processing curtain box wooden products, the wood used must be fully dry. After entering the site, it is strictly prohibited to be stored with moisture, and a varnish should be applied in time after installation and polishing to prevent the front panel of the curtain box from being twisted.

The curtain box is an important part of home decoration and an important facility for concealing the head of the curtain. When designing the suspended ceiling and window cover, the matching curtain box design should be carried out in order to improve the overall decorative effect. The above is the introduction about the curtain box, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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