Is the Roman curtain rod or the track better? What are the material classifications of the Roman curtain rod?

 In life, curtains play an important role. They can not only protect people’s privacy, but also provide people with an independent space. A suitable curtain can also give people There are a lot of extra points for home decoration, which plays a good role in embellishing our family. The installation form of curtains can be divided into two types: Roman rod and track. In this article, we will introduce to you: Curtain Roman rod or track? Curtain Roman Classification of rod materials?

  Curtain Roman rod or track?

 1. According to some data, there are more curtain rods in China. The Chinese decoration editor here recommends curtain boxes to everyone. The curtain box has many advantages: it is integrated with the wall and ceiling, looks natural and generous, cannot see the curtain track, has strong light-proof performance, and the upper part of the curtain will not transmit light, and it is compatible with sound-proof curtains. Good sound insulation. There are also disadvantages, that is, it must be designed and constructed at the same time as the decoration, so it is recommended that you consider this issue before the decoration. There are many decoration teams who are reluctant to make curtain boxes. The only reason is that they do not make money and are troublesome. They often fool the owners, saying that this thing has long been out of fashion, and no one makes this thing anymore. It is suggested that the owner should be able to withstand flickering, as long as you are persistent, you can decorate to your satisfaction.

 2. Choose from the master bedroom or the living room. Roman poles are good for bedrooms and living rooms. They are easy to install and look good. If they are strong, there is no problem (the wall is fine)! Double layers can be installed. As for how to press the gauze curtains, just ask the master after installation (you can’t press the Roman poles yourself Rod, you can’t install it without tools)! The track and the curtain box are very early practices, and the hand-made ones should be as little as possible, and the custom-made and finished products are better.

 3. If you have a suspended ceiling on the top of your home, it is recommended to make curtain boxes directly. It looks neat and high-end like that. The curtains with Roman rods are basically because the top surface is not off or the problem of curtains is not considered in the design. It is better to choose curtain boxes.

What are the material classifications of curtain Roman rods?

 1. Solid wood Roman rods: generally choose a hardwood and paint it .

 Advantages: durable, textured, beautiful and generous, with various colors.

 Disadvantage: Mingshu believes that although solid wood is environmentally friendly, the price is also very expensive, and consumers are prone to make mistakes in the selection. The choice of wood is very important, you need to be knowledgeable, choose hardwood, the choice of paint is very important, the process requirements are high, if the choice is not good, it may smell, and it will be easily deformed, moth-eaten, and cracked in the later stage.

 2. Carbon steel and carbon steel covered with plastic: carbon steel material itself is not beautiful, so it is generally coated with a layer of plastic coating on the outside, which has strong bearing capacity.

 Advantages: carbon steel material is cheap, with various colors and strong bearing capacity.

 Disadvantages: I have read the inscription, and the reason why carbon steel poles are basically not used for decoration is because of their unsightly appearance. Instead, they are covered with a layer of plastic coating, which has a short service life and a long time easy to crack.

 3. Wrought iron pole: a pole composed of iron art has more shapes and more beautiful shapes.

 Advantages: beautiful appearance, strong plasticity, relatively firm quality.

 Disadvantages: Mingshu personally thinks that if the iron poles are not rust-proofed well, the iron poles are easy to corrode, rust, and the color is relatively monotonous after a long time.

 4. Aluminum alloy pole: beautiful appearance, good quality, many styles and many colors, it is a common choice for everyone.

 Advantages: The material is relatively thick, firm and not easy to corrode and deform, the appearance is diverse and beautiful, and it is easy to match.

 Disadvantages: Mingshu personally likes aluminum alloy rods, which are good-looking and easy to match, but the disadvantage is that it has a variety of styles, making people unsure which one is better, and the quality is also very different. Some even use carbon steel Pretend to be aluminum alloy, so you will be fooled in terms of price.

 Curtains are an indispensable product in every family. When people install curtains, the more mainstream way is Roman rods and tracks, so many people usually have such Questions: Curtain Roman rods or tracks? What are the material classifications of curtain Roman rods? Through the introduction of the advantages of these two kinds of curtains and the environment they adapt to, I hope to provide a reference for your purchase.

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