Is it necessary to install gauze curtains for curtains? How to choose curtains?

Many people choose to install curtains now, but there are not so many people who install gauze curtains. Many people don’t know whether it is necessary to install gauze curtains after installing curtains. Today’s article will explain this problem in detail and how we should choose curtains in our daily life. I hope it can give you some help.

 Is it necessary to install gauze curtains?

 As for whether to install gauze curtains, consumers can refer to the following aspects:

 1. The distance between buildings in the community. If the distance between the buildings in the community is relatively far, at least 60 meters or more, you can choose not to install gauze curtains. If the distance between buildings is less than 50 meters, installing gauze curtains can effectively protect privacy without affecting light.

 2. The floor you are on. If the floor is higher than the 20th floor, you can choose not to install it; if the floor is low, it is the 1st to 3rd floors, it is recommended to install gauze curtains, which can effectively protect privacy; if the floor is on the 11th-13th floor, commonly known as “dust layer” , Installing yarn in the living room can effectively prevent dust.

 3. Look at the orientation of the house. If there is sufficient light in the home, the TV in the living room of the south-facing apartment is easy to reflect light, and the gauze curtain will play a role in shading, and it will not affect the overall light transmission of the home.

 How to choose curtains?

 1. The choice of curtains should be “adapted to local conditions”.

 Horizontal window. For such short and wide typical windows, if there are no deep balconies and radiators, then choosing floor-to-ceiling curtains is a better choice.

 Bay window. For tall oriel windows, a floor-to-ceiling shade may consist of several separate shades, each fastened individually, with a continuous curtain box to hold the shades together. If the bay window is small or curved, it can be decorated as a whole. Make a double-panel shade, each of which can be fully drawn to either side of the window.

 2, The area of the curtain must be able to cover the window to have a good shading effect. The length of the curtain should be determined according to the specific situation of the window. Floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows need to use floor-to-ceiling curtains; windows with window sills higher than the floor can use floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that are flush with the window sill; larger windows should choose curtains that are wider than the window opening, so as to achieve visual balance. .

 3, The curtain pattern should be coordinated with the window size of the room, the age experience of the occupants, as well as the interior decoration and furniture style. If the window is relatively short, try not to choose a horizontal pattern or a small floral pattern. Avoid choosing curtains with large patterns for small windows.

 4, Living room: Choose curtains in warm colors to set off a warm and warm atmosphere.

 Study: You can choose fresh green curtains to create a natural, quiet and secluded atmosphere.

 Bedroom: You can choose a balanced color to bring a soft, comfortable and peaceful visual experience.

 In a dark north-facing room, it is suitable to choose curtains with neutral and cool tones; while in a sunny room with good light, hanging maroon or yellow curtains can make the strong The light is adjusted to a soft astigmatism, highlighting the gentle texture of the living room.

 The curtains are prone to dust, so they need to be cleaned regularly. The curtains in different rooms have different cleaning methods. The curtains in the kitchen and bathroom are easy to get dirty, and consumers need to clean them regularly. When buying curtains, the size is important, measure the length and width, so as not to buy curtains of different sizes, resulting in waste.

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