Is it good to install curtains in the sun room? Which material is best for the sun room?

Curtains not only have the advantages of beauty and sunshade of traditional curtains, but also have the characteristics of intelligence, convenience and easy operation. Take the sun room electric curtains as an example, it is very troublesome to open and close the curtains manually, so it will be much more convenient to use this kind of electric curtains. There are many styles of sun room electric curtains, let’s take a look at the sun room curtains, shall we? Which material is better? Take a look at my introduction.

Is it okay to install curtains in the sun room?

1. Privacy protection: For families, different regions have different standards for privacy. The living room is a public area with low privacy requirements. Bedrooms and bathrooms are required to be invisible. You can choose a transparent fabric for the living room, and thick fabric for the bedroom.

2. Use of light: Use of light refers to the effective use of light on the basis of protecting privacy. For example: In a first-floor living room, I don’t like people to see the indoor activities. Pulling the curtains for a long time will affect the lighting. So the gauze curtain came into being.

3. Decorative wall: For ordinary families, the wall is a large decoration. Especially the simple ones, in addition to the picture frame, only the curtains are left. Therefore, whether the curtains are beautiful or not plays a decisive role. Similarly, for hardcover families, beautiful curtains make the room more beautiful and individual.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction: treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the glass window has a reflection effect on treble. Therefore, thick curtains can improve indoor acoustics. Similarly, it is beneficial to absorb internal noise and improve the sound environment.

Which material is good for the sun room?

1. Tempered glass roof: The most transparent is the glass roof sun room. If the glass has good permeability, it will inevitably have poor heat insulation and heat preservation.

2. Sun room with color steel roof: color steel plate has better heat insulation and heat preservation, color steel plate is opaque, and the color tone is single and not high-grade.

3. Degao tile-roof sunshine room: The roof composed of five layers of Degao tiles and sauna boards has heat insulation, good heat preservation, and various colors. The appearance is beautiful and beautiful, the color light is not good enough, and the price is relatively high ; Skylights can be opened at the top and tall windows can be designed around to help lighting and ventilation.

4. Sunshine board sun room: the skeleton is filled with hollow glass fiber reinforced plastic in the middle of broken bridge aluminum, which has good permeability, good heat preservation and heat insulation, and relatively high cost

Summary: About the sun room Is it good to install curtains and what kind of material is good for the sun room? Here is a brief introduction. What I want to say is that curtains are an indispensable part of the home. With the advancement of technology, many types of curtains have appeared. I hope the above The introduction can help you choose the curtains you are satisfied with.

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