Is it better to use bright rails or dark rails for curtains? After reading it, I am finally no longer entangled!

In home decoration, soft decoration is also a very important part. The determination of many decoration styles basically depends on the matching of soft decoration and furniture. Curtains are an important part of soft decoration. Often ignored and not cared about. In fact, apart from wallpaper, curtains can affect the atmosphere and taste of the whole family, so today I will tell you about curtains.

One: How to choose curtain rod

1. Material

Curtain rods are items that are used for a long time. Be sure to choose strong and durable materials to avoid frequent replacement in the future. So don’t choose: plastic, aluminum alloy, iron.

This is because the aging of plastic is relatively fast; the aluminum alloy is too simple, the load-bearing capacity is poor, and it is easy to open the glue after a long time; and the iron is easy to peel off the paint and rust.

The material of the curtain rod should be pure stainless steel, but the price is more expensive.

2. Structure

There are two kinds of curtain rods: single track and double track.

It is recommended to choose double tracks, one side can be equipped with screen windows and the other side with thick curtains.

3. Track

There are two kinds of curtain tracks: bright track and dark track.

The bright rail curtain rod is highly decorative and easy to construct, and there is no need to make curtain boxes in advance. The disadvantage is that the sliding is not as smooth as the dark rail, and if the curtain is thick, it will cause the rod to deform.

The dark rails are ugly when they are exposed outside, so you need to make curtains in advance. The advantage is that the slide rail is relatively smooth, and the bearing capacity is relatively good, which is suitable for heavy curtains.

It is recommended to choose the dark track, except that the decoration is slightly weaker, the rest are advantages.

Second: How to match the curtain color?

Choosing all-match colors such as white and apricot is generally not wrong. Or choose solid-color curtains of the same color based on the existing colors at home, which will look more harmonious.

1. Versatile choice——white gauze curtain

White curtains are suitable for most decoration styles, and they are not inconsistent with various home walls, especially suitable for Modern and Scandinavian. For example, the white gauze curtain in the picture below is both beautiful and convenient for lighting, which kills two birds with one stone.

When the room is already rich in color, using all-match color-light apricot curtains will not make the room cluttered. I don’t get tired of watching it for a long time.

2. Choose according to the wall surface

Choose a color similar to the wall color, and the color effect of a few degrees deeper is also good. The picture below chooses a darker gray than the white cement wall, which is very high-end.

3. Choose according to the color of home accessories

You can also choose according to the home accessories, such as the color of cushions, sofas, seats, and mattresses, which do not have to be exactly the same , the color echo is very good-looking. For example, the color of the curtains below is orange, which echoes the pillows, and the whole space immediately becomes lively and lively.

Three: How to hang the curtains to make the home look bigger?

1. Hanging height : Hanging up to a height of 13-18cm will make your house look a lot higher. There are pictures and the truth, does the hanging method on the right look more solemn, beautiful, slender and straight than the left one?

2. Hem height: The length of the curtain should not be too long, and it is better to be 3-5cm away from the ground, otherwise the hem is easy to get dirty when dragged on the ground, and it will give people a very dull feeling.

Four: What pitfalls should we pay attention to when buying curtains?

1. Buy unaffordable custom curtains

The price of finished curtains is at least 30% lower than that of custom curtains. The purchase of custom curtains generally requires inspection, payment, measurement, and purchase , Customization, installation and other links are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also costly, which is unnecessary for most families.

2. Brightly colored curtains may contain more formaldehyde.

Many manufacturers will add resin, various dyes, additives, and finishing agents when producing these fancy curtains. Many of these substances contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, so it is safer to buy light-colored curtains .

3. Buying too many curtain accessories.

Such as mantle heads, cloth belts, lead pendants, tie balls, lace… It is not easy to take care of and maintain, and it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble. It is easy to snag and deform after washing once, which will affect its reuse.

4. Color affects people’s emotions.

Colors that are too strong, such as red, can stimulate people’s nerves and tend to make people emotional and excited for a long time, while colors that are too deep can give people a feeling of depression and dullness.

5. Families with children should avoid buying curtains with ropes

Children are naturally active. If parents neglect to take care of them, accidents such as curtain rope entanglement or even suffocation may occur. Therefore, families with children should try to avoid curtains with ropes. If you must buy them, do a good job of safety protection and put the curtain ropes out of the reach of children.

Okay, that’s all for today about curtains, as long as you choose according to the above content, there is basically no big problem.

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