Is it better to install Roman rods or slides for curtains? After reading these, I immediately know it!

What is everyone doing in the morning? Open the curtains to see the sun. What’s the last thing you do before bed at night? Close the curtains and fall asleep peacefully. When decorating a new house, many people struggle with what kind of curtains to install on the windows, because they always want to compare whether it is better to install Roman rods or track rods. In fact, there is no need to worry. As long as we understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, we will have a clear mind The answer is up. Follow along with the editor to see which one you should choose.

Roman rod

Roman rod is a kind of horizontal rod for hanging curtains. The shaft is cylindrical, and the two sides of the rod are gourd-shaped, which is named after the shape of ancient Roman architecture. Most of the Roman poles are bright poles, usually with rings or buckles. The advantage is that it can be applied to windows that do not have a ceiling curtain box made in advance. It is more beautiful and elegant when exposed, and plays a certain decorative role. Moreover, the material of the Roman pole is various, including solid wood, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Sex is relatively large.

The disadvantage is that only one bracket can be placed in the middle. Considering the load-bearing problem, the length of the pole cannot exceed 3.5 meters, because it is too long If it is too thick, it is easy to bend and deform it when hanging thick curtains. Due to the material of the Roman rod, it is relatively expensive. In addition, the Roman lever is not very smooth to pull.

Track rod

Track rod is a kind of hook placed in the track Curtains, the curtains are pulled by the orbital motion of the hooks. The track rod is a dark rod. The advantage is that it can perform multi-track movement, so there is no limit to the length, and the price is relatively cheap in the market, more economical and cost-effective, and has a long service life. If the window has an irregular shape, the track rod can be bent to different degrees according to it. The adaptability is relatively large. The disadvantage is that the exposed curtain track is not good-looking, so it is necessary to leave a curtain box on the ceiling, which is troublesome.

How should these two be chosen?

Cost: Roman rods are more expensive than slide rails, generally more than 20 yuan/meter, and the required length is relatively long, so slide rails have no requirements for length.

Removable and washable: This Roman rod is very convenient. Remove the plugs at both ends, and then remove the curtain from the fixing frame, and then it can be cleaned. Because there are many hooks on the slide rail, it is very inconvenient to disassemble and wash. Please ask the master clearly during installation.

Ceiling: No ceiling? Then don’t install slide rails, it is not beautiful, Roman rod is the first choice. If you have made a suspended ceiling, you can reserve space for the curtain box during decoration, and install slide rail curtains, remembering that the size must be accurate.

Because of the material of the Roman rod, coupled with the friction between the ring and the rod, the smoothness of pulling the curtain is not as good as that of the slide rail, and there may be jams, no matter the slide rail is straight , or arc-shaped, can slide very smoothly.

Special shape: If your windows are arc-shaped or other heterogeneous, you can only use slide rails, because Roman rods are not easy to bend and are only suitable for regular windows.

Style: Although the slide rails are cheaper, more people still prefer to use Roman poles. Why? Because it is more beautiful. There is basically no style constraint on the slide rails. Once the ceiling is covered, it is versatile, but the Roman rod is different. The exposed rod body can have different shapes and colors, which can better shape the style.

Regarding the respective advantages and disadvantages introduced above, the editor thinks that which kind of curtains should be chosen is a good question, which can be based on personal preferences According to actual needs, if you want high-end atmosphere, it is better to choose Roman rods. If you consider the price is more reasonable, you can choose track rods, but no matter what you choose, it must be consistent with your own decoration style, otherwise it will It seemed particularly abrupt.

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