Is it better to choose Roman rods or track rods for curtain installation? I regret that my home decoration is early!

Nowadays, decoration is the foundation, and soft decoration is the main decoration to achieve the decoration effect. Curtains, as one of the important components of soft decoration, can not only block sunlight and protect privacy, but also can Improve the overall decoration effect, but when installing curtains, which one is better to choose Roman rods or track rods?

Roman pole

The Roman pole is civilized because its design style resembles Roman architecture. Generally, it is a cylindrical bar with a diameter of about four centimeters, and there are gourd-shaped decorative shapes at both ends of the bar. Its materials mainly include wood and metal, and metal Roman poles are often hollow, light and easy to carry. Because the Roman pole is long, merchants often cut it off from it, and the intermediary designed a special connecting joint for easy transportation!

Track rods

Track rods are mainly divided into bright rails and dark rails . Concealed rail is a kind of concealed rod, which is generally hidden in the curtain box and is the main form of track rod. The main materials are wood, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, plastic steel, etc. The bright rail is a general term for Roman rails and decorative rails. The main materials are aluminum alloy, solid wood, and steel pipe.

Is it better to choose Roman rods or track rods for curtains?

The track rod is a dark rod, which is mainly used to move and hang the curtain cloth by using the slide rail, and the hook will be placed in the track. The Roman pole is a bright pole, a long pole with gourd-shaped capitals at both ends and a ring in the middle for hanging curtains.

When installing, the Roman pole is relatively easy and simple, as long as the Roman pole is fixed, and then the ring is hung on it. The track rods are relatively troublesome. To make the curtain box in advance, you need to install the track, install the shelf, and finally hang the curtain cloth.

In use, because the Roman rod is a ring rolling, and there is generally a support in the middle, so its load-bearing should not be too heavy, and it will slide General effect. As for the track rod, due to the smoothness of the slide rail, the curtains can be pulled up quite smoothly, which is better than the Roman rod.

On the whole, the Roman pole is a popular choice. The overall look is magnificent and beautiful, and the small flaws in use can be ignored. Many people are using the track pole now, but some people may be aesthetically Can’t accept it, let’s check the effect in advance, but there is no problem in using it.

About choosing Roman rods or track rods for curtains, I will introduce you here. help! You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of Roman rods and track rods, and then combine the actual situation of your own windows to choose the curtain rod that suits you! The master suggested that when decorating, if the economy is relatively tight, try to use track rods, after all, the price is relatively cheap, and the service life is long!

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