If the curtains are broken, the home decoration will be ruined! Fortunately, the master reminded us that our home is beautiful!

Curtains are a relatively general expenditure in our household expenses, because there are more windows in the house, there will be more curtains, and there are many types of curtains. Choosing a good curtain can not only satisfy the aesthetics of our home, but also increase the practicality of our home. Curtains can protect the privacy of our home. So how to choose curtains? If the curtains are badly selected, the whole home decoration will be ruined, so hurry up and take a look!

1. Composition of curtains

Curtains are composed of curtain body, accessories and accessories It consists of three parts. The curtain body includes a curtain, a window body and a window screen. Window curtains are an indispensable part of decorative windows. They are generally made of the same fabric as the window body, and there are styles such as tiled, discounted, water waves, and integrated. The auxiliary materials are composed of window bars, curtain rings, ribbons, lace, window plackets, etc. The accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window belts, counterweights, etc.

Second, the fabric of the curtain

The fabric of the curtain is very wide, and many fabrics can be used as curtain fabrics. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to two aspects, one The first is the sense of thickness, and the second is good drape. Traditional curtains are generally composed of three layers of fabrics, one layer is a decorative cloth curtain, the middle layer is a blackout curtain, and the third layer is a sand curtain.

1. Traditional fabrics: Curtain fabrics are basically made of chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics, so they have a good drape and are thick.

2. Shading fabrics: New fabrics not only overcome It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional shading fabrics to improve the grade of the product. It can be used as a shading curtain with other curtains, and it can also be integrated with shading and decoration, and can be made into various styles of shading fabrics.

3. Sheer curtains: There are many types of curtains, which can be roughly summarized as plain, striped, printed, embroidered, embossed, planted Velvet, burnt-out, wrinkle, etc. Among them, the raw materials for yarn include hemp, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, glass yarn, etc.

3. Types of curtains

1. Opening and closing curtains (flat curtains)

Opening and closing curtains is the track of the track Or rods do parallel moving curtains. European-style luxury shape: there are curtains on the top, and the edges of the curtains are decorated with fringes. The flower pattern is mainly large flowers with strong colors, which looks more luxurious and rich.

Roman rod type: The track of the curtain is made of Roman rods of various shapes and materials, and the patterns and changes There are many types, which are divided into those with curtains and those without curtains. The flower pattern can be rich in color and large, or it can be more elegant and striped or plain.

Simple style: This kind of curtain highlights the texture and drapability of the fabric, without adding any auxiliary decorative means, and looks more regular and atmospheric with surface color, striped shape or small flowers and plants with contrasting colors.

2. Roman blinds (lifting blinds)

Roman blinds move up and down under the traction of ropes According to the shape, it can be divided into folding type, fan type, wave type and so on. It is especially suitable for viewing with large face glass. The stiff fabric texture can give full play to the texture of the fabric, making the touch of the space softer and more comfortable, with obvious layers. Its decorative effect is very rich, it can be natural and pure, it can also be warm and interesting, it can also be elegant and gorgeous, and it can be fashionable and romantic.

3. Roller blinds

Roller blinds refer to the curtains that move up and down with the rolling surface of the rolling tube. , Fireproof, and it is more convenient to take it off for cleaning after a period of use. It is characterized by simplicity, and is more suitable for installation in study rooms, rooms with computers and living rooms with small indoor surfaces.

4. Venetian blinds

The fingers of the venetian blinds can be adjusted 180 degrees and vertically up and down or left and right Rigid curtains that translate. Venetian blinds have good shading effect and strong air permeability, and are more suitable for installation in the kitchen, and can directly wash off oil stains with water. There are many optional colors for venetian blinds, and they are no longer a single white. Materials include wood, metal, chemical fiber cloth or Chenggar non-woven. There are two types of towers: vertical and parallel. There are many, and you can choose according to your preferences and styles.

The above are the curtains that I want to share with you. It is very important to choose curtains, whether it is in terms of color or texture, but also according to the style of our home. A good home decoration effect Need curtains to set off. The curtains are beautiful, and our home will be more beautiful. Well, today I will share it with you here, I hope you like it.


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