How to remove and wash Roman rod curtains? How to install Roman rod curtains better?

Curtains are installed in almost every home now, and curtains can make the atmosphere of the whole home warmer. But after a period of time, the curtains are prone to all kinds of dust, which will affect the cleanliness of the whole family. Therefore, after using the curtains for a period of time, they need to be removed and cleaned, which is relatively clean. But many people don’t know how to disassemble and wash. I don’t know how to install it after washing. Next, the editor will introduce to you how to remove and wash Roman rod curtains? How to install Roman rod curtains better?

How to remove and wash the Roman rod curtains?

1. How to remove? First, remove the Roman rod as a whole. Second, remove the decorative heads at both ends. Then, take the curtains down. Again, use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the clasp off. Just remove the clasp.

2. How to wash? First, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the curtains. Untie the rope on the back, and pay attention to whether the curtains are washed or dry-cleaned, and send some to the dry cleaner. Take out the lower rail under the curtain and the thin iron strip above it. Soak it in a neutral detergent for about 5-10 minutes, rub it gently with your hands, and clean it. Dry the back of the curtains outside in the shade, and do not place them in direct sunlight to avoid the problem of curtain fading.

3. After the curtain is dry, iron it at a temperature of 80-120 degrees Celsius. After bonding the front of the curtain to the front of the track, tie the rope on the back, thread the lower rail and the thin iron bar, and try to see if the curtain can rise and fall normally and smoothly. If there is no problem in the test, it will be fine.

How to install Roman rod curtains better?

1. Tools required for installation: power cable, tape measure, small ladder, impact drill, matching 4CM Phillips screw plastic expansion tube, 4CM Phillips screw, Phillips screwdriver, hand hammer.

2. Check the compatibility of the Roman rod and its decorative head, support and ring, measure the length of the Roman rod and the width of the window

3. Take the installed support as the Standard scribing, draw the support positioning line and the hole position line. Generally, the length of the Roman pole exceeds 2.5 meters and 3 supports. The middle support is located on the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends are about 15-20cm away from the wall or 5-10cm away from the end of the Roman pole (ceiling).

4. Punch. The depth of the hole is 3.5-5cm. When punching the hole, do not run away or tilt it. Note: keep away from wires and water pipes. After the hole is punched, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole.

5. The support of the mounting rod is fastened with self-tapping screws, and the lifting ring is inserted into the rod. Adjust so that the distance between the decorative heads at both ends and the wall is the same.

6. Hang curtains. Put the curtain on the hook, and hang the other end of the hook into the hole of the hanging ring; open and close the curtain left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible, and whether the two curtains are of the same height. Otherwise, fine-tune it in time.

After the introduction of the above article, now everyone should know how to remove and wash Roman rod curtains? How to install Roman rod curtains? In fact, the method of removing and washing curtains and installing them is quite simple, as long as you do the actual operation, you will generally understand. With these methods, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the curtains in the future.

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