How to match the curtains in the living room? How to match the sofa in the living room

The decoration and matching of the living room is a place that people attach great importance to. Here, it is often necessary to match a lot of furniture or decorations. Among them, the matching of curtains and sofas in the living room is particularly important. If If the curtains and the sofa in the living room are well matched, the decoration of the living room will be half the battle. So how to match the curtains in the living room? How to match the sofa in the living room?

How to match the curtains in the living room

1. If you want the curtain to look good, we can consider the material of the curtain itself. If it is used in the living room and most of the furniture in the living room is made of fabric, solid wood or leather, we will use it at this time. It is more suitable to use curtains made of fiber fabrics. Of course, the bedroom is mainly for warmth and sleep aids, and lace or sheer curtains can also be used. This will make the whole space more textured. That is to say, the matching of curtains depends on the configuration of the living room space. For the decoration atmosphere of different living rooms, it depends on these external colors to match. Therefore, it is skillful to know what kind of curtains should be matched with the living room.

2. If you simply talk about the color of the curtains in the living room, the elegant beige sofa is matched with bright yellow fabric curtains, supplemented by Southeast Asian characteristic patterns, and the fashionable patterns like the feathers of birds’ tails are displayed by mixing and matching, elegant bright yellow and lavender The pictures on the curtains make people feel like they are in the plant kingdom of Southeast Asia, giving them a gentle and beautiful feeling. Gray has always given people a sense of sophistication and atmosphere, with simple and fresh dandelions, giving people a refreshing feeling. Dandelions flying all over the sky evoke our childhood memories.

3. Silver blue + Dunhuang orange: modern + traditional home style, the color combination of blue and orange, showing the fusion of modernity and tradition, ancient and modern, colliding with super Realistic and retro-flavored visual experience. Blue and orange are originally strong contrasting colors, but there are some changes in the chromaticity of both sides, so that the combination of these two colors can give a new life to the home space.

How to match the sofa in the living room

1. If the living room has wall skirts or the walls are colored, then the sofa is not suitable for choosing bright colors, choose plain colors The fabric will be more elegant; if you like to make the living room have a classical atmosphere, it is more suitable to match it with a darker monochrome sofa or a striped sofa.

2. If the walls of the living room are all white, choosing dark fabrics will make the room look clean, peaceful, generous and comfortable; if the doors and windows are all white, elegant and generous, with complicated patterns Fabric sofa is more suitable.

3. The sofa area decorated with wooden elements exudes a strong rural atmosphere. The space layout does not follow fashion, and all the decorative objects are peaceful and natural. Therefore, it is paired with a simple white sofa, and then decorated with light-colored flowers and bags, making the temperament of the whole living room simpler and more lively.

Living room decoration is a direct display of home decoration effects. In order to make the living room decoration effect outstanding, everyone must pay attention to the matching of living room curtains and living room sofas. The decoration effect can be fully displayed. Here, the editor also hopes that the relevant reference content on how to match the curtains in the living room and how to match the sofa in the living room will be helpful to everyone.

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