How to match the curtains in the living room, avoid all unlucky factors, and let the fortune follow

The living room is the place where we most often stay for rest and entertainment, so the decoration and decoration of the living room is the most important place. Different colors and design styles will bring different feelings to the living room , everyone has a different vision and design style, and the designer will tell you how to decorate according to your requirements and years of experience to get the best results. Remember that color is very important when choosing curtains.

What color is the living room curtains?

White >

White, generous and simple, clean and neat, but never out of date. Choosing white curtains will bring you a refreshing, elegant and sexy look. At the same time, white is also the most coordinated color. As the color of curtains, it is full of transparency, allowing sunlight to shine in, dim and warm, romantic and beautiful. If you have no special requirements for the color of the curtains, then choose the all-match white to make your home cleaner. However, white curtains get dirty easily and require careful care.

Coffee color system

Coffee-colored curtains are like silky chocolate, elegant and charming. Whether it is the breeze blowing or the sunshine is quiet, the brown curtains filter the sunlight and the fresh and natural air, making people intoxicated, as if the interior space is also wonderful. Brown curtains are suitable for matching with textured wallpaper, which can make the space more luxurious.


Purple is a symbol of romance, elegance, nobility and mystery. Hanging a curtain of purple curtains is like a dream, romantic and flawless, even if the sun sneaks in, there is a hint of purple that is half hidden. Purple curtains have high requirements on materials, silky and smooth ones, and those with wrinkles should be used sparingly, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced. Here we need to remind everyone that purple curtains are not suitable for all living rooms. If the interior has been decorated for a long time, the visual impact brought by purple can be avoided.

Gray shades

Grey curtains, due to the darker tone, relatively speaking The utilization rate is relatively small. However, smoky grey, sheer sheer curtains are all the rage these days, offering shade and understated luxury that you can’t put your hands down. If you like low-key, come to a smoky gray curtain.

The color taboo of living room curtains:

White gives people a clean, tidy and generous feeling. White curtains are indeed one of the best curtains.

Purple has romantic, noble, elegant and mysterious temperament. Not all living rooms are suitable. If your living room has a good decoration effect, you can directly choose purple curtains.

Chocolate color has a noble temperament. It will be better to match the wallpaper. If the wall is white, the decorative effect is not so ideal.

Gray gives people the feeling that it is dirty and tasteless. It is suitable for a small living room and has a good shielding effect. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can choose gray curtains.

Coffee has a noble temperament. Nice decor, sun filtering, would be better with wallpaper, maybe not so ideal if window surrounds are white.

Is there any taboo on the color of the curtains in the living room

1. Avoid similar colors with the walls and furniture, such as changing the color of the walls, using apricot yellow for the curtains; light lake color for the walls, and medium green for the curtains, etc. In this case, the color matching is too uniform, which will give people a very cold feeling.

2. The room is dark and facing north. You can choose neutral and cool colors, such as millet red or yellow curtains, which can adjust the strong light in the room and coordinate yin and yang.

3. Try not to use fan curtains, as there will be frequent quarrels.

4. The color matching of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple should be avoided as much as possible.

5. It is not recommended to use curtain patterns that are too trendy or alternative. There are some unlucky sayings, such as the fierce shapes of very weird animals, especially not suitable for the rooms of the elderly and children.

6. According to numerology, if you like wood, you can choose green or wooden curtains; if you like fire, you can choose red or purple man-made fiber curtains; if you like earth, you can choose yellow or khaki Roman curtains; Gold can choose white metal curtains; Xishui can choose blue and black water wave curtains.

Four major functions of living room curtains

1. Curtains beautify the home

Decorative wall curtains are wall decorations for many ordinary families. Especially for some simple-decorated families with “four white floors”, except for a few picture frames, the curtains may be the only things on the wall. Therefore, whether the choice of curtains is beautiful or not may often play a decisive role.

2. Curtains block strong light

Using light refers to the problem of effectively using light while protecting privacy. For example, in a living room on the first floor, everyone doesn’t like people walking around to see every move in the room. But pulling thick curtains for a long time affects natural lighting. Therefore, light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains came into being. If the light in the bedroom is too strong, curtains can be used to block it, which is in line with the principle of bright hall and dark room.

3. Curtains to block noise

The treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the refraction index of the window glass for the treble is also very high. Therefore, curtains with appropriate thickness can improve the reverberation effect of indoor audio. Similarly, thick curtains are also conducive to absorbing part of the noise from the outside and improving the indoor sound environment.

4. Curtains can protect the privacy of the home

Family members such as the living room The activity area has lower requirements for privacy. Most of the family living rooms open the curtains, and in most cases they are in a decorative state. The curtains can be more transparent. The bedroom is different, the color should be darker.

The choice of the color of the living room curtains is very important. The right choice of curtain color can improve the whole living room to a higher level, making the living room instantly more high-end, and it can also make the living room more warm and comfortable. You should consider the color and material. If you can’t choose any more, you will be careless. If you choose the wrong one, it will make your home very uncomfortable. You must pay attention to the taboos in the choice of curtains.

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