How to match the color of European curtains with the space of European curtains

Curtains are one of the indispensable home textile accessories in our home. Whether you want to cover the annoying sunlight or make the home beautiful, the existence of curtains is very necessary. The European style mainly refers to the Western classical style, which emphasizes the use of gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve a graceful and luxurious decorative effect. So, today I will introduce some knowledge about the matching skills of European curtains. Here we take a look.

1. Color matching of European curtains

1. Golden rose pattern The curtains are matched with the sofa of the same style of fabric and the beige wall, which makes the living room very bright and has a sunny feeling all the time.

2. Classic rose pattern curtains are a good choice to match with dark wooden furniture and decoration, making the whole space look very warm.

3. Dark red brocade curtains are one of the choices of winter curtains. The thick and tight material has a good effect of keeping warm, and the color will also give people a warm feeling.

4. Lake blue velvet jacquard curtains have a strong decorative effect, so when choosing furniture, you should pay attention to matching plain furniture with light colors, otherwise the space will become too fancy .

5. Light gold is the perfect all-match color, which can be matched with almost any color. If you are not sure about your color matching, then this curtain is the right choice.

6. The kapok pattern in the meticulous realistic style has a tropical feeling, bringing a bright and sunny feeling to the home.

7. The white base color + pink abstract flower pattern is very harmonious with the light pink wall color, making the whole room lively and lively.

Second, the space collocation of European-style curtains

1. Curtains are one of the soft decorations that change the style of the room quickly and conveniently. Changed style. However, curtains are not only “beautiful” at all, they can also provide many practical functions, such as using light, creating privacy, and decorating space. This is the key element in choosing curtains for the living room. Understand this, and you will never be dazzled by the many curtains!

2. Regularly clean and vacuum, and don’t let dust accumulate on the curtains, which not only affects the appearance, but also reduces its appearance. If there are many bacteria, it will also affect the health of the family. European-style curtains are designed with a curtain frame. This frame is generally made of iron, with exquisite craftsmanship. It should be wiped more at ordinary times, and it can also be smeared with a little oil to prevent it from rusting and maintain a bright appearance.

3. The prominent feature of European curtains is its wavy folds, which have a lot to do with the pulleys above. The distance between each pulley has a measurement, and it should be dripped with oil Keep it smooth and should also be checked regularly for damage etc. If you find that the thread of the curtain is loose, don’t tear it off with your hands at will. You should use scissors to cut it neatly to prevent it from falling off.

4. Curtains should be selected according to the indoor light in terms of matching skills. We all know that curtains are divided into single-layer and multi-layer. It is suitable for use when there is insufficient or too much light in the room. The installation methods of curtains are different in different spaces. The living room is more suitable for a more atmospheric installation method, and the bedroom can choose a more delicate installation method. To deal with the matching of curtains in different spaces, it mainly depends on your own preferences.

I believe that after reading the above article, you have a better understanding of how to match the color of European-style curtains and the knowledge of the space matching of European-style curtains. I hope our introduction can help you and let you decorate A beautiful and welcoming home.

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