How to match home decoration curtains? Curtain matching skills?

I think it looks better when I wear clothes that match well. In fact, the decoration of the home is the same, no matter the sofa, the color of the decoration, etc., it will be more beautiful if they are matched, which reflects the skills of decoration and matching. Curtains are an indispensable decoration, so the editor will introduce how to match home decoration curtains? Curtain matching skills?

 How to match home decoration curtains?

1. The bedroom is dominated by light-colored furniture, decorated with dark-colored frames, and the whole space has an antique flavor. We use vertical lines Wide striped curtains, oriental mystery comes into view; another space adopts light gray tones, medium-color coffee, and white gauze curtains, which suddenly enhances the noble and elegant atmosphere of this space.

2. The bedroom is dominated by clean light tones, so for the matching curtains, choose dark shell pattern flannel fabrics to make the atmosphere of the space look quiet; Dark blue light printing to show a sense of calm. Choose light shades for sheer curtains.

3. The living room adopts white tone, and the simple lines reveal a sense of fashion and elegance. When choosing the curtains for this space, we chose the curtains in coffee tones with cross-line patterns; the gauze curtains chose light purple with a sense of luxury. With simple shapes and perfect details, it creates a sense of fashion and avant-garde

4. The living room furniture is mainly composed of calm dark tones, and plain light yellow velvet fabrics are selected to affect the atmosphere of the overall space. Choose a rhythmic circle pattern, and use simple shapes and soft colors to embody simplicity, so as to get rid of cumbersome and complicated, and pursue a simple and natural psychology.

5 The furniture style is an innovative style that combines Southeast Asian elements and traditional Chinese artistic conception. The home is in light white tones. In the choice of curtains, the method of contrasting shades is adopted, and the calm dark coffee-colored curtains are selected, and the gauze curtains are light-colored, which visually gives people a rustic cultural atmosphere.

6. The bedroom adopts light tones, simple lines and colors reveal a romantic atmosphere, we choose the curtains with pink and purple tones, and white lace for gauze curtains, which makes the whole space more romantic; Lavender is chosen for the curtain of the study room, adding to the noble and calm effect of the study room. The white tone with dots is chosen for the gauze curtain, which sets off the purity of knowledge.

7. A Nordic-themed bedroom. The color of the home is mainly white and light beige, and the curtains are printed in dark colors, which is simple and clear, and at the same time highlights the simplicity and elegance of the Nordic style; the gauze curtains are white, which makes people feel like they are at the foot of the Alps.

 Curtain matching skills?

1. Curtain matching skills-bedroom matching, The bedroom curtain matching skills and strategies are also important, The decoration of the bedroom directly affects the comfort and warmth of home life. At the same time, the bedroom also emphasizes its shading and privacy. For a typical personal space, you can choose thick and shading fabrics as the main material for practical curtains. Most of them are double-layered yarns and curtains. .

In terms of color, you can also choose softer, strong sag and more elegant colors, which can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. However, day and night curtains and organ curtains are also good choices, practical Curtains with their colorful patterns can add to the feeling of tranquility in the bedroom.

2. Curtain matching skills-living room matching, the living room is an important part of home life, and it is also a feeling for guests, so every accessory must be well matched to look more coordinated and beautiful, so The matching and strategy of curtains in the living room are very important, so what I introduce is to choose window screen curtains,

Then it can protect the room from sunlight and condensation, and can also increase the applicability of the season , The matching of practical curtains also enriches the layering and decoration of the curtains, making them reflect the beauty of simplicity and softness. If you want to embroider the beautiful scenery of the curtains, it is also a good choice to match practical curtains with silky roller blinds.

 3. Curtain matching skills-style matching—— This kind of practical curtain matching skills and strategies is based on style. The one that is easy to use is to choose jacquard yarn-dyed fabric to match.

Plants, flowers, and fish and insect patterns are its constant themes, which can add classical interest and make it look more beautiful. Elegant and elegant, the matching of this curtain is also in line with the temperament of the Chinese people.

 The above introduces how to match home decoration curtains? Curtain matching skills? In fact, different decoration colors should be matched with a different color curtain. Although curtains can have an aesthetic effect. But if you want to make the color of the curtains more beautiful, you need to clean the curtains every three months or half a year, so that the color of the curtains will not be covered by dust.

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