How to match bedroom curtains with bedroom curtains

The bedroom is an important place in our home decoration. The quality of bedroom decoration has an intuitive impression on people to judge the quality of home decoration. So do you know what should be paid attention to when matching bedroom curtains? Bedroom curtains How should it be matched? The following is an introduction to bedroom curtain matching information, come and find out together!

How to match bedroom curtains

The color selection of bedroom curtains should be based on the overall color of the room, or the same color system should be used to distinguish layers with depth to create a harmonious and quiet home Air; or choose different color combinations, through the deployment of fabric products, form a sense of beating rhythm, and make the room energetic through the rhythm of colors; you can also choose a large area of contrasting colors, especially the contrast and combination of patterns on the curtains, Make public the modern life and sweep away the depressed air in the room. Beautiful paneled poutine curtains on the bedroom windows, the three-layer drapery treatment did not detract from the elegance of any corner in the master bedroom of this DC design firm, the design begins with cream scalloped valances, followed by a The soft, streamlined panel shades of the system, both the drapery and the panel shades, are made of blue ribbon and silk lamé lace, and the bottom is made of Roman shutters of the same fabric. Bedroom curtain detail, colored satin ribbon and silk lamé lace was sewn together and then applied to the edge of the panel curtain so that the curtain is ready to pull, robin egg teal accents match the color of the wall ,Cream silk curtains make the room more complete and the colors more defined.

What are the precautions for bedroom curtains?

Curtains are the main part of home decoration. The performance of color should take into account the size, shape and orientation of the room. The use of warm colors can produce a comfortable effect, and the use of cool colors can produce a spacious and elegant appearance. If the home combination is too strong, you can use neutral or non-color curtains as the connecting color. If the overall environment color is relatively neutral and single, you can add obvious color contrast to emphasize the decoration effect of the curtains and change the visual effect of the room. Choose warm colors for cool colors, cool colors can be added to warm rooms, and beautiful curtains can be used for monotonous rooms. Avoid a combination of light colors or dark colors in the room. It is necessary to mix and match shades to achieve a balance.

The above is the relevant information about the matching and decoration of bedroom curtains. In the above, the editor introduces how to decorate the bedroom curtains and the types of bedroom curtains. Helpful when decorating!

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