How to match and choose curtains is more innovative? Curtain collocation and purchase skills not to be missed!

Curtains are a kind of soft decoration that every family will install. In our traditional concept, curtains are just a light-shielding item, but with the development of home improvement, curtains no longer just have a light-shielding effect, and to a large extent, curtains are more like a kind of decoration. The following editor will tell you how to match and choose curtains so that you can travel more!

How to match the curtains?

1. Living room curtain matching skills

Most people actually like bright halls, but nowadays small houses generally have relatively high floors Short, it is not easy to reflect the bright and spacious feeling. Faced with this situation, curtains can be regarded as a good decoration. We can move the height of the curtains up to create a tall “illusion”.

In terms of the appropriate length of the curtain itself, it should not be too economical. Try to touch the ground as much as possible, so that visually it extends from the top of the space to the ground, and runs through the height of the floor. Even a small space will have a bright and bright texture.

2. Bedroom curtain matching skills

The bedroom is mainly about privacy , The curtain plays a protective role, of course, the function of avoiding light when sleeping is also the top priority.

Girls generally prefer light gauze curtains, which make the bedroom feel relaxed and lazy, but the light-shielding effect of a thin layer is really not ideal, so you can add a layer of dark curtains , while shading, it also has a little more rich layers.

But if the requirements for light protection are not high, you can make more changes in the curtains. Cotton and linen, which is a soft and light material, is a good choice. If the cotton and linen curtains are naturally drooped or knotted at will, it can reflect the interesting posture of natural light.

3. Curtain collocation skills in other spaces

1) 、Kitchen

The size of the kitchen window can be appropriately reduced, and it is better to match the height of the window with an interesting ratio.

2), the corner Small windows

The corner space generally does not need to be decorated too complicatedly. If there are windows, it is not recommended to use large-area curtains. Roller blinds with a size that just cover the windows are suitable.

How to choose curtains?

1. Size selection

Floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows need to use floor-to-ceiling curtains; Curtains can also be customized with window sill curtains; larger windows should choose curtains that are wider than the window opening, so as to achieve a visually balanced effect.

2. Anti-noise

Generally, the thicker the curtain, the stronger the sound absorption and better sound absorption effect, such as flocking, cotton, Curtains made of hemp and other materials.

3. Fabric selection

Curtains include cotton, yarn, satin, bamboo, and man-made fibers. Cotton and linen are the more common materials for curtains, which are easy to wash and replace, and are suitable for bedrooms.

Gauze curtains are highly decorative, can enhance the depth of the interior space, and have good light transmission. They are generally suitable for use in the living room and balcony.

The texture of satin and flocking curtains is very delicate, which looks luxurious and rich, and has good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high.

4. Shading

In summer, the light is strong. In the bedroom, choosing curtain fabrics with strong shading can ensure a good sleep. In the living room and dining room, you can choose thin fabrics with good light transmission.

Many people may be more casual about the collocation and purchase of curtains, and it is because of this casualness that the quality of the entire home decoration may drop . Through some of the curtain matching and purchasing skills introduced by the editor above, I believe most people also have some curtain decoration ideas of their own in their hearts!

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