How to make stainless steel curtain rod? How to choose stainless steel curtain rod?

Maybe you have decorated your room, or maybe you have seen other people do home decoration, but when you install curtains, have you ever thought about making curtain rods by yourself? In fact, curtain rods can also be made by yourself, and you can The curtain rods are also very beautiful, full of personality, not inferior to those bought on the market, but the cost of homemade curtain rods may also be higher than that of finished products. The following editor will introduce how to make stainless steel curtain rods for you? How to choose stainless steel curtain rods ?

 How to make stainless steel curtain rod?

 In reality Many people in life will ask whether stainless steel curtain rods can be made, and what is the method?

 1 Stainless steel curtain rods are not used for posing, they are very textured and durable. There are many stainless steel materials in the stainless steel building materials market. This kind of base material pipe is much more than stainless steel finished curtain rods, and the material is also good.

 2 Generally, the curtain rod brackets on the market are too small. You can buy a larger size bracket. The inner diameter of the bracket can be slightly thicker than the stainless steel rod. Just right.

 3 Repair the skin of the can, it is best to wrap it on the bracket and not expose it to the outside.

 4 It is better to buy curtain rod heads that match the stainless steel pipes. If the pipes are too thick and there is no such thing, you can use other materials instead, such as plastic, rubber, etc., and you can place them on the surface of the plastic head Spray paint, like stainless steel.

 5 The curtain ring can be made by yourself, and the stainless steel base material can be bent into the required ring. You can also buy finished products. The outer skin of the finished curtain ring is metal, and the inner is plastic, which is quiet and quiet.

 How to choose stainless steel curtain rods?

 There are actually many ways to choose stainless steel curtain rods.

 1. Look at the thickness

 General manufacturers often play tricks on materials in order to cut corners. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole. Accidents are more likely to occur in the process. Remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head) by yourself, and see the essence through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

 2. Stainless steel is more durable

  Choose a product with strong material and durable. Generally speaking, plastic products are easy to age; wooden products are prone to moths and cracks, and heavy curtain fabrics are hung for a long time, which are easy to bend and feel heavy when pulling the curtains; It is long and easy to glue, poor load-bearing performance and not resistant to friction; if the surface of iron products is not properly treated in the later stage, the paint is easy to peel off; only pure stainless steel products are really the best among many materials, but they are expensive.

The above is the editor’s introduction on how to make stainless steel curtain rods? How to choose stainless steel curtain rods. The selection of curtain rods cannot be ignored. From the classification of curtain rods to the selection skills, every link is designed with knowledge. The problem that may be encountered in life is that the quality of the curtain is durable, but the curtain rod cannot be used due to quality problems, which is indeed quite embarrassing. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose and buy curtain rods.

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