How to make curtain head? The style of the curtain head?

When decorating the home, you will definitely choose to install curtains. Curtains can not only resist noise, but also play a role in privacy, but for people with curtain heads It is very important, whether the curtain head is good or not, now affects the whole, the method of making the curtain head is more important! At the same time, there are many styles of curtain heads, so we must pay attention to the correct choice.

How to make the curtain head?

1. Preparatory work: You need a piece of 1.4m*1.4m cloth, a meter wooden ruler (meter steel ruler), and a wooden (plastic) right-angle triangle ruler A handle, a pair of scissors, some chalk, etc.

2. For example: Now you want to cut a water wave curtain head with a width of 70 cm, a mountain width of 35 cm, a shoulder width of 17.5 cm, and a height of 50 cm.

3. Formal production

a), fold the cloth from a vertex along the diagonal;

b), take the diagonal as the right-angled side Draw a vertical line. This point is point A (the length of the vertical line is 17.5 cm “half the width of the water wave curtain head mountain”, and the other point of the vertical line is point B, which just intersects with a right-angled side of the cloth) as half of the mountain width;

c), take the vertical point A of the diagonal line as the vertex and draw the cloth height along the diagonal line, the length of the cloth height is 50 cm * 2.2 times = 110 cm, this point is Point C (the cutting height is equal to the height of the curtain head*2 times or 2.2 times);

d), take point C as the vertex and determine a point at 15 cm along the direction of point A as the vertical point. Point D, the length of the vertical line drawn on the same side of the mountain is the cloth width, and this point is point E (the cloth width is measured by the drawstring, and the method of drawstring measurement is: take the width of the curtain head as the width of two points , take the height of the curtain head as the height, and through these three points, the half of the half ellipse circle can be determined as the cloth width, and the actual measurement is 64 cm.);

e) , Draw the shoulder length through the two points B and E (starting from point B, the shoulder length is 20 cm less than the cloth height, which is 80 cm, this point is point F);

f), point C Point A is connected to point B and point F is connected by a straight line; point F is connected by a smooth arc line; the second thing is to draw while talking on the cloth: use scissors to cut along the line, start from point B and go out 3 cm along point F Cut a cut, and then cut a cut from point F along point B at 8 cm, and divide the remaining lengths evenly (the length of each section is preferably 13 cm to 15 cm) and cut a cut. After positioning the cloth according to the width of the mountain, fold the water wave at the edge of the scissors and then sew.

The style of the curtain head?

1. Natural and casual curtain head: The curtain head seems to just inadvertently wrap the whole piece of fabric on the curtain rod. The style seems casual but dignified and elegant. Every fold has been carefully processed. It can make the whole space environment look warm and peaceful. It is the best choice for pursuing individual life, and it is also a choice not to be missed by those who like a warm environment.

2. Classical curtain head folds: The curtain head and the curtain body choose the same solid color fabric. This classical curtain head fold method is very suitable for the layout of the living room. Depressing.

3. Rustic vertical pleats: The curtain head is designed with regular vertical pleats, which together with the floral pattern on the curtain body emphasize the overall simplicity of the curtain. This kind of pleating method of the curtain head is especially suitable for the curtain fabric of cotton and linen texture.

4. Curtain head decorated with bowknot: The curtain head of the same fabric is quite high in degree with the curtain, and the bow-shaped fabric is used as a curtain ring to sew on the curtain head, creating a unique effect.

There are many ways to make curtain heads. When people make them, they must master the correct method. Generally, professional personnel are invited to make them. There are also many styles of heads. When people choose to buy, they can choose according to their own preferences or match with the overall decoration style, which is quite good.

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