How to install the curtains? What are the common sense of hanging curtains?

In life, curtains can be seen everywhere. Although it is said that after the purchase of curtains, the staff will install them for the first time, but the curtains will need to be cleaned in the future, so how to install the curtains? What is the specific method? Although it is relatively simple to install curtains, it is also necessary to understand the common sense of hanging curtains, otherwise the effect of curtain installation may be unsatisfactory, which is not good.

How to install the curtains?

1. The accuracy of positioning and positioning is related to the success or failure of curtain installation. First, measure the distance between the fixed holes and the size of the required installation track.

Second, install curtain rails Curtain rails can be divided into single, double or triple tracks. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, and the simmering and bending at the disconnection should be staggered, and the simmering and bending should be gentle, and the lap length should not be less than 200mm. Ming curtain box generally installs the track first. Heavy curtain rails should be equipped with machine screws; dark curtain boxes should be equipped with rails. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be densely spaced, and the specification of wood screws should not be less than 30mm.

Third, install the hoisting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track, and install the hoisting clip on the top plate with self-tapping screws. If it is a concrete structure, expansion screws need to be added.

Fourth, install the curtain rod: correct the connection fixture, install the rod or wire, and pull it on the fixture. Make it flat and exactly the same as the elevation of the room. When installing standard curtain track (double track), the base width should generally be above 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances. Adjust the position of floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that hang over the table. When installing the track, you should give way to the width of the window sill to avoid being blocked when the curtain is drooping and appearing unsightly.

What is the common sense of hanging curtains?

1. Under normal circumstances, the small pleated curtains show a small wave shape, which can be inserted according to the 4 pin numbers of the four-toothed hook, and only wear the hole with the number three eye, other holes are not inserted and there is no space between the four-toothed hooks. This method of wearing curtains has smaller pleats, which is more suitable for small rooms such as bedrooms.

Second, there is also the function of the middle pleat curtain. The installation of the small pleat curtain hook is somewhat similar. It is also inserted into the hole marked with the number three of the four-toothed hook, but the difference is that there is a hole in the middle of the middle pleat. , to ensure that there is an appropriate space distance between each hole. This hook wearing method is more commonly used in our daily life, and the style is more moderate.

Third, large pleated curtain hooks are often used on living room curtains, which is also the most commonly used installation method for living room curtain hooks. They are worn according to the serial numbers 1, 3, 8, and 9, that is, they are all inserted into the four-toothed hooks Hole work with serial numbers 1, 3, 8, 9, with 4 holes in the middle. This style of wearing is fashionable and graceful, and it is a very popular way to wear curtains in modern times.

What are the common sense of hanging curtains and how to install the curtains, I won’t say much here. But I would like to remind everyone that when purchasing curtains, you should pay attention to the decoration style of the house. After all, curtains are also a part of the decoration of the house. If you do not choose the curtains well, it will not only affect the service life of the curtains, but also affect the overall quality of the house. decoration style.

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