How to install the curtains of the bay window? What are the installation methods of bay window curtains?

  With the development of the economy, more and more people live in buildings, and bay windows have become a decoration part that people pay attention to. For the beauty of bay windows, curtains also play a role It plays a very important role, so how to install the curtains of the bay window to look better? What are the installation methods? The following editor will take you to find out.

How to make the curtains of the bay window look good?

One, the choice of bay window curtains in different spaces. The overall style is required in terms of color patterns. The living room is mainly cloth art, highlighting luxury. The silk used in the bedroom is mainly warm and comfortable. The study area in the study is mainly made of cloth art, and the color tone needs to create a sense of tranquility and tranquility.

Second, due to the different sizes and shapes of the bay windows at home, different styles of bay window curtains should be used. Different styles of home decoration curtains bring different effects to bay window curtains. You can choose according to the actual situation of the bay window in your home and your own preferences. Choosing the right bay window curtain can also achieve the effect of making up for some window defects. For example, if the window is relatively large and the window shape is curved, you can choose a combination of several individual curtains, and each curtain can be tied separately. , so that it will look better and will not transmit light to each other.

Third, under normal circumstances, when the bay window is used as a curtain, the curtain can be made at the mouth of the bay window. The bay window curtains are wrapped around the window glass in the bay window, and can be made into U-shaped or L-shaped curtains. The height of the curtains should be the same as that of the bay window. Generally, the curtains of the bay windows in the bedroom are usually made to go through the wall and floor to the floor. If there is a radiator in the room, it can also be made into the size of the window frame. For small protruding bay windows like this, you can choose Roman blinds and lifting blinds to look better.

Installation method of bay window curtain

Installation method of bay window curtain 1: install ceiling slide in bay window

Floating Window and curtain installation method two: install slide rails along the bay window indoors

Bay window curtain installation method three: install curtain rods indoors.

  About how to install bay window curtains, I will introduce you here. Different designs of bay window curtains will bring different effects and styles. According to the situation to choose the favorite curtains, combined with the installation method of the curtains, add a warmth to your home.

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