How to install Roman rod curtains

When many families choose curtains, they also tend to choose beautiful Roman rod curtains. A very complicated matter. I often see the master install Roman rod curtains, it seems not so difficult, but it seems more troublesome to do it yourself. So how to install Roman rod curtains? Below, the editor of Aifuwo will tell you about the specific steps and methods.

Tools required for Roman rod curtain installation:

Tape measure, impact drill , small ladder, power cable, 4CM Phillips screw, plastic expansion tube with 4CM Phillips screw, Phillips screwdriver, hand hammer.

Roman rod curtain installation method and steps:

Roman rod curtain installation method 1:

First use an impact electric drill to drill on the wall For the hole, use the installed support as a standard marking line to draw the position line of the support and the position line of the hole. Generally, the length of the Roman pole exceeds 2.5 meters and 3 supports. The middle support is located in the center of the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends are about 15-20cm away from the wall.

Roman rod curtain installation method 2:

The depth of the hole is 3.5-5cm. Eyes running, skewing, attention: keep away from wires and water pipes. After punching the hole, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole.

Roman rod curtain installation 3:

The mounting rod support is fastened with self-tapping screws, the ring is inserted into the rod, the ring is divided into two, and one is left at each end Hanging ring; press the Roman rod into the opening support and adjust so that the distance between the decorative heads at both ends and the wall is the same.

Roman rod curtain installation method 4:

Hang the curtain and put on the hook, hang the other end of the hook into the hole of the ring; open and close the curtain left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible , Whether the two curtains are of the same height. When the height is inconsistent, fine-tune it in time.

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