How to install roller blinds? What are the methods?

 In the process of home decoration, different curtain styles can bring people different dresses. What I want to introduce to you today is roller blinds. How to install, on this issue, the following editor will introduce the installation steps and methods for you.

1.How to install roller blinds?

1 .Installation of roller blind accessories: determine the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the pull bead. The left and right sides of the head are interchangeable. The bead head can be rotated, corresponding to the lifting after side loading and top loading respectively.

2. Head installation: (1) External decoration; compare the finished product with the window, find a suitable position, mark the position of the head screws on the window frame or wall, and tighten the left and right head screws with screws On a window frame or wall, and flip open the swivel module on the head without a pull bead. (2) Interior installation: place the finished roller blind in the window frame, after finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the top of the window frame, lock the left and right head screws on the top of the window frame respectively with screws, and place no The rotatable module on the head of the pull bead is lifted.

3. Installing the track: 1.  First put the right end of the upper rail into the head with the ball, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without the ball. 2.  Fasten the opened rotatable module to confirm that the roller blind will not fall or move easily, and the installation is complete. 3.  Pull down the bead curtain on the front side slightly, and the roller blind will automatically rise. 4.  Pull down the bead curtain on the rear side to control the descent of the roller blind.

2.What are the advantages of bead roller blinds??

1. The bead roller blinds are well designed, exquisite in craftsmanship and exquisite in materials.

2. The accessories of roller blinds are made of glass fiber, terrylon and carbonized steel, which can be pulled smoothly and with low noise.

3. The aluminum material of the roller shutter is treated with baking paint and plastic spraying, which has excellent weather resistance.

4. The fabric is generally made of polyester polyester fabric or glass fiber fabric, which has good ductility, high temperature resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics.

5. The pull beads can be made of pom environmental protection material, or steel beads, copper beads, etc. The service life of the test can reach more than 30,000 times.

 How to install roller blinds? Your home improvement brings some help.

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