How to install online curtains?

Curtains are already an indispensable product for windows, and they are also a popular decorative product indoors, because they can play a very good role and can also protect users However, many people like to buy curtains online and install them by themselves after buying them. Next, let’s talk about how to install curtains online? I hope it can help you.

How to install online curtains

The installation of curtains is very simple, users can follow the small video steps sent by the shopkeeper , Install by yourself.

1. Positioning Curtains During the installation and construction period, do a good job of drawing line positioning to ensure the accuracy of curtain installation, fix according to the measured hole distance, and install according to the size of the curtain installation track.

2. Installing curtain rails Since curtain rails are divided into single, double and triple rails, if the width of the curtain is greater than 12cm, the curtain rail will be disconnected, and the lap length should not be less than 2cm. Ming curtain box Generally, the track should be installed first. Machine screws should be added to the heavy curtain track; the track should be installed after the dark curtain box. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be densely spaced, and the size of the wood screw should not be less than 30mm. Install the lifting clip and rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track. Use self-tapping screws to install the hoisting clip on the roof. If it is a concrete structure, you need to add expansion screws;

3. Install the curtain rod correction connection fixture, install the rod or iron wire, and pull it on On the fixing parts. Make it flat and consistent with the elevation of the room. Install standard curtain track (double track), the base width should generally be more than 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances

4. Adjust the position to the floor For curtains or curtains hanging over the countertop, the width of the window sill should be allowed when installing the track, so as to avoid being blocked when the curtain is drooping and appearing unsightly.

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