How to install curtains for curved windows What is the point of installing curved curtains

You may not know much about curved windows and curtains. In fact, curved curtains are more common. Generally, they are commonly used in clothing stores and home hygiene. Yes, the three-dimensional effect of curved curtains is better, and the space after opening is relatively large, giving people a kind of atmosphere, and can also maintain privacy very well. It is one of the curtains often used in modern homes. So how to install curtains on curved windows, and what is the point of installing curved curtains? In this regard, we might as well take a look at the specific situation first.

How to install curtains on curved windows:

Preliminary work

When installing the curtain rod, the preparation of the preliminary work is important. Before installing, we must first check whether the required tools and decorative hardware and accessories are complete, such as tape measure, marker pen, cross-shaped screwdriver, self-tapping screws, ladders, power cables, etc. It is also necessary to check whether the Roman pole is matched with its decorated column cap and support ring.

After checking the accessories, etc., it is necessary to measure the position of the installed Roman rod. For example, to accurately measure the length of a Roman rod, don’t rely on the instructions, there will be more or less errors, and the actual measurement data is more convincing. In addition, measure the width of the window and the position of the seat of the Roman rod device, and mark it with a marker pen to prevent forgetting in the next operation.

Punching holes

After the preliminary preparations are completed, it is necessary to punch holes according to the marked orientation. First of all, it is necessary to determine the drilling position, because the installation of the bracket requires drilling, and the bracket is generally installed at a distance of 5-8 cm from the ceiling and 15-18 cm from the wall, so the position of the drilling can be determined. Generally, a Roman pole over 2.5 meters needs three brackets as support. The base bracket is at the base of the wall or window, and the other two are equally spaced, so that the position of other holes can be determined.

Then it’s punching. Use tools such as electric drills to drill the determined hole positions on the wall. The depth of the holes is generally 3.5-5 cm. The drilled holes must be vertical without bending and deflection. It should be noted that wires, water pipes and other pipelines should be avoided when punching holes. Finally, press the expansion screw etc. into the hole.

Installation rod

After all, the Roman rod is installed on the top of the window. The bracket of the Roman rod needs to be fixed with self-tapping screws, etc., and then the hanging rings that are connected to the rod curtains and can slide freely are escaped into the rod. Note that one ring is left at each end of the Roman rod. Later, attach the Roman pole to the stand and make sure the unit is stable. Secondly, connect the gourd-shaped decorations at both ends with the Roman rods, and adjust the orientation so that the value of the wall between the capitals of the two ends is the same. In addition, if you want to install two Roman poles, you must pay attention to whether the lengths of the two poles are the same, otherwise you need to re-measure and install.

Then hang the curtain on the Roman rod, and connect it with the rings that were previously inserted into the Roman rod. And slide open and close the curtain several times to check whether the slide rail is flexible and whether the height of the curtain is consistent, otherwise it needs to be adjusted.

What is the point of installing curved curtains:

Some curved curtains and some windows are not in a straight line, or they are at right angles, or It is a curved outer bay window. At this time, even if the curtains are divided into several pieces, the curtain rods must have angles, and the final hanging effect of the curtains is consistent with the direction of the windows.

The curtain rod is more important for corner windows. Since the window has a viewpoint, don’t fix the curtain rod directly on the wall, which lacks stability. You can fix the bracket on the ceiling first, and then fix the corner curtain rod on the bracket.

Household Roman poles are generally used to hang curtains, and there are many types of curtain tracks, and there are many ways to install Roman poles, such as straight track installation, which is to directly install the Roman poles with the desired track. The rod can be fixed on the ceiling; the bendable rail is suitable for all kinds of curved or curved windows. When installing, the Roman rod should follow the arc and fix it with brackets; the installation of the luxury rail is relatively troublesome and needs to be drilled and fixed , Installation brackets, luxury rail hanging curtains are generally floor-to-ceiling or half curtains.

About the comprehensive knowledge of how to install curtains on curved windows and the key points of curved curtain installation, today I will sort out so much for you. In this regard, I want to remind everyone that as long as you have mastered the tricks, the installation of the window cloth Roman rod is quite simple. The space is suitable for Roman poles. The choice of Roman poles also needs to be determined according to the specific decoration of your home. Don’t blindly use one method or method.

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