How to install curtain track

Curtains are household items that need to be carefully selected by owners in home decoration. In the composition of curtains, curtain tracks are also a component that cannot be ignored. It has a great impact on the installation and performance of curtains. It has a certain influence, and the price is high or low. Let’s take a look at how the curtain track is installed.

Installation method of curtain track

1. To install the curtain track, the height should be measured first. The window track can be divided into single, double or three tracks. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, Curtain rails should be disconnected, and the simmering and bending at the disconnection should be staggered. The simmering and bending should be gentle curves, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200mm. Generally, the track should be installed first for the open curtain box. Machine screws should be added to the heavy curtain track; the track should be installed for the dark curtain box. The distance between the small corners of the heavy curtain track should be dense, and the specification of the wood screw should not be less than 30mm.

2. Then install the hoisting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track, and install the hoisting clip to the top plate with self-tapping screws But if the curtain track is a concrete structure, you need to add expansion screws.

3. After the curtain track is connected and fixed, install the rod or iron wire and pull it on the fixing piece. Make it flat, It is consistent with the elevation of the room. Install standard curtain track (double track), and the base width of the curtain track should generally be more than 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances.

4. Hang the curtains and put them on the hooks. Hang the other end of the hook into the hole of the hanging ring; open and close the curtains left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible and whether the two curtains are of the same height. If the heights are inconsistent, fine-tune them in time.

There are also several curtain tracks Each kind of curtain track is different in price according to specifications, materials, styles and other factors, so it is difficult to say exactly how much the curtain track costs per meter. When you choose the curtain track, you can choose according to the form of the curtain It depends on the style of the home.

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