How to hang the curtain hook? How to choose the color of the curtain?

There are many necessities to buy in our home life, but shopping is really a headache. What I want to explain today is the choice of curtains. Curtains can make people feel happy, and they are also an indispensable part of our daily life. They are the expression of the owner’s taste and the spirit of the living space. In short, taking some time to choose a curtain is sometimes a good way to savor life. Curtains do not mean that it is enough to choose well, and there is also a certain amount of attention to hanging curtains.

1. How to hang the curtain hook

1.1 How to wear small pleats:

Wear according to 1, 2, 3, 4,

That is: the four prongs of the four-toothed hook are respectively aligned with the serial number 1234 hole marked on the cloth belt Insert the eye, without space in the middle, just wear the third fork;

There are 3-4 holes between the two hooks.

2.2. Middle pleats

Traditional wearing method: common

Wear according to 1, 2, 4, 5;

That is: four Insert the 4 prongs of the toothed hook into the holes marked with the serial number 1245 on the cloth belt, with 1 hole in the middle, and the third fork is inserted;

There are 4-6 holes between the two hooks , generally 7-8 hooks per meter.

3.3. How to wear large pleats:

It is recommended to wear according to 1, 3, 8, and 9, that is, the four prongs of the four-toothed hook are respectively inserted into the serial number 1389 holes on the cloth belt There are 4 holes in the middle, and the third fork is worn;

There are 6-8 holes between the two hooks. The pleats of the curtains look a bit like a butterfly.

There are also column style, Korean style, and South Korean style.

Second, how to choose the color of curtains

When choosing curtains, you must know the color, and each color has its own character. Yellow, gentle and tranquil; green, nourishing the heart and eyes; red, festive and gorgeous; coffee, calm and mature; purple and rose; graceful and luxurious; cyan, profound and deep; blue, tranquil and broad. According to the characteristics of different rooms, different “character” colors can be selected. In the living room, choose warm-colored curtains, warm and luxurious. Study room, use green. For the bedroom, it is better to choose balance color and static color curtains. For restaurants, it is better to use white, if you use yellow as the background. Embellished with white net buttons, it will play the role of icing on the cake. The north-facing room with dark light is suitable for neutral and cool tones, and the mood is elegant.

When choosing curtain colors and materials, you should distinguish the different characteristics of the seasons. In summer, use thin, transparent and soft yarn or silk, preferably in light color, which is breathable and cool; in winter, it is advisable to use thick and fine flannelette, with warm and heavy colors, to highlight the thickness and warmth. In spring and autumn, thick ice silk, floral cloth, imitation silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color is preferably medium. And calico curtains are lively and lively, suitable for all seasons.

There have been windows since ancient times, and the first curtains were made of leaves, bamboo chips, reeds or animal skins. Because it is simple, easy to make, and has the effect of beauty and privacy protection, it has been passed down to this day. With the rapid development now, for curtains, both the type and the way of hanging have changed a lot, so we have to keep up with the pace and learn new skills.

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