How to hang curtains in the living room and balcony? What style of curtains in the living room and balcony is good?

In modern society, decoration is a very learned question. We will all face such problems when we are decorating, which makes us feel very headache, so when facing the spatial pattern, it is the living room How to deal with the problem of connecting the balcony, don’t worry, today I will introduce to you how to hang the curtains of the living room and balcony, and discuss the two arguments of what style of living room and balcony curtains are good.

 How to hang curtains in the living room with balcony?

  How to hang balcony curtains should pay attention to four aspects, everyone should refer to them.

 1. The color matching should be reasonable

 The fabric art of the balcony in the living room should be elegant, spacious and bright, and the color should be coordinated with the walls and furniture. Mid-tones are recommended. If the room is small, you can choose light-colored and cool-toned curtains for decoration, because light and cool colors can create a spacious and elegant visual effect. If it is paired with a plain, small pattern, the effect is also good.

 2. The style should be coordinated

 In terms of the style of the living room, it can be divided into three major themes: Chinese style, European style and leisure. In terms of styles, there are mostly hanging, split, and floor-standing styles. The outer curtain is decorated with screens, and the inner curtain is made of translucent curtain fabric, which is more effective.

 3. Pattern selection

 For a room that is too narrow and too long, choosing curtains with a horizontal straight pattern can make the room “fat”. In addition, fabrics with eye-catching patterns can be installed at both ends of the long and narrow room. One end is a curtain with practical functions, and the other end is a decorative curtain. If it is not enough, choose window decorations with vertical stripes to “enhance” the room.

 4. According to the layout of the window

  For large windows, wide and short windows, long curtains and high curtains should be selected to fit close to the window frame to cover the width of the window frame. If the window is too short, you can hang a half-cut curtain of the same color on or under the window, so that it just covers the window frame and window sill to create a visual illusion.

 What is the best style of curtains for the living room and balcony?

 First consider your functional requirements, and then decide.

 1. Usually in this type of room, we will make curtains next to the balcony window, which is the L-shaped one you mentioned. But the upper installation space of your large balcony window is blocked by a beam, so that the curtains can only be installed in the window frame and installed on the top. But your window seems to open inward, which leaves little room for installation above, so you can only use smaller tracks for installation, and barely make a layer of screens or very thin curtains.

 2. If your living room is large enough, it is recommended to make the main curtain on the front beam and a layer of gauze on the balcony window.

 3. Another method is to make an L-shape on the balcony, but separate the cloth curtain from the gauze curtain. The track is installed on the side wall above the window, and the large window is divided into two sections by the beam. There will be a gap in the middle, but this gap can be sealed by special-shaped cutting.

 The above is the editor’s introduction to how to hang the curtains in the living room and balcony, and what style of curtains in the living room and balcony. I hope it will be helpful to friends who face this situation at home , thus creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our family.

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