How to hang curtains for effective sun protection? How to choose sun protection curtains?

The climate in summer is slow and hot, people will come up with various methods to cool down the room. Curtains are one of the cool roles in the home. The key to resisting high temperature is to resist We live in the sun, but it is impossible for the sun to stay in place. At this time, we have to use curtains to prevent sun protection. So, how to hang curtains for effective sun protection? How to choose sun protection curtains? Next, follow the editor to learn more about them.

How to hang the curtains for effective sun protection?

One, winter Side windows:

Vertical blinds. According to Zhou Weimin, as the sun rises in the east, the windows of the east room can quickly gather a lot of light, and the heat energy will also spread rapidly through the metal frame of the window. Therefore, the curtains on the east side can prepare soft light for the owner who wakes up in the morning. You might as well choose vertical curtains with soft texture, they can let the owner enjoy a ray of sunshine in the day through elegant tones and soft light.

Second, the south window:

Blackout curtains. The windows on the south side have plenty of light all year round and are an important source of natural light for the room. However, in the hot summer, sunlight with sufficient heat and ultraviolet rays is a bit redundant. Therefore, the curtains in the south can protect against sun and ultraviolet rays. According to Zhou Weimin, the more popular blackout curtains (coated with a sunscreen coating) are the best choice. When the curtain is opened, it can not only transform the strong sunlight into soft light, but also enjoy the scenery outside; when it is pulled up, the strong shading and strong privacy allow the owner to enjoy the tranquility at night during the day. If it is a fabric curtain, it must be considered to be used with a gauze curtain. The gauze curtain should choose a glass gauze curtain, and the violet color has light-shielding properties.

Third, the west window:

Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains. In summer, the sun will increase the temperature of the room. Therefore, the windows on the west side should be closed frequently or covered. You can try to choose curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays to protect the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains, or specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices.

Fourth, the north window:

Cloth vertical curtains, thinner light-transmitting organ curtains, roller blinds. If the light enters the home from the north, it will appear very uniform and bright, and it is one of the most emotional natural light sources. Therefore, choose high-transparency curtains for the north windows, and avoid heavy dark curtains. In order to fully retain this sentiment, cloth vertical curtains, thinner light-transmitting organ curtains, roller blinds, and fabric curtains with good light transmission effects are better choices.

How to choose sunscreen curtains?

First, consider the orientation of the room

Windows facing south, with good light, tulle, Thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. For rooms facing north, the light is not enough and it is colder. You should choose warm-colored and thick curtains to increase the temperature. If it is a window facing east or west, you should choose thick curtains with good shading ability.

Second, different color collocation

In the north-facing room, the light is dark, choose a neutral and cooler color, in the sunny room with good light, hang red or yellow tones Curtains can make the strong outdoor light soft and warm. When the color difference between the ground and furniture is large, you can choose the color of the floor, otherwise, choose the furniture. If the color of the ground and furniture cannot be used as a reference, you can choose the curtain color system according to the color of the light, and match warm and cool colors. Neutral tones paired with warm tones.

Third, consider the needs of different house types

For large houses, you can choose more delicate and heavy curtains such as three-layer curtains, while small houses are suitable for curtains that can be retracted up and down, such as Roman blinds. It is also suitable for hexagonal rooms, which can ensure a good connection between each curtain. Since the fabrics on the market are generally 1.4 meters wide, the windows with Roman blinds should not exceed 1.4 meters.

The above is the introduction about how to hang curtains for effective sun protection? How to choose sun protection curtains? Whether you choose track installation or curtain rod installation, there should be an extra 15-20 cm on both sides of the curtain, so that the effect will be better. Not to say that all blackout curtains are healthy, you must pay attention to quality issues when choosing.

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