How to decorate the curtain shop? How to decorate the curtain shop well?

The main problem of opening a store is decoration. Once the decoration is done for new and old customers, there will be a lot of traffic. Many people know The details of the decoration are important. Especially a small corner will also have a certain impact on the overall decoration effect, so how to decorate the curtain shop? How to decorate the curtain shop with good effect?

How to decorate a curtain shop

1. In order to promote products, some curtain stores often set up counters at the exit of the escalator. The purpose of course is to make customers see the curtains they sell as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling curtains. The practice often makes some customers deliberately bypass this counter and go to the next counter.

2. Deafening music, in fact, it is very bad to do so. Music itself can indeed create an atmosphere, but it depends on how it is created The atmosphere and the soft and elegant music can make customers linger and forget to return, increase the time customers stay in the store, and thus increase the possibility of customers spending.

3. Most large curtain stores now have escalators. In such a pattern, it is necessary to use shelves to cover as much as possible, so that customers do not see the escalator as soon as they enter the door.

4. The color of curtain shop decoration is very particular. Now there are many shops that pay attention to the color of the interior of the store. Some merchants think through psychological tests, such as red, etc. Brighter colors will put people in a relatively excited state and arouse people’s desire to buy.

5. The door of the store is the throat of the store, and it is the channel for customers and goods to enter and exit. The number of customers received and sent by the door of the store determines the rise and fall of the product.

How to decorate a curtain shop with good effect

1. Different The most important thing is that the interior has different functions. We all know that curtains are a better tool to protect privacy from the subconscious. For the curtains in the bedroom and bathroom, we should choose thicker curtains for decoration. The living room is an area for everyone’s public activities. There is no need to cover up so much, so the choice of translucent curtains is mainly to make them have a decorative effect.

2. The curtains of Chinese-style decorated houses are important decorations on the wall. Therefore, whether the curtains are unique and beautiful plays a decisive role. Choosing a curtain can Let the atmosphere of the whole home be improved instantly, and it will not appear monotonous and orderly.  

3. Noise is also a headache for us. We all know the part of sound transmission. Treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the reflection of treble by window glass Efficiency is also high. Therefore, in the bedroom, we must choose curtains with appropriate thickness to improve the noise of the outside world, so that we can have a good rest environment.   These are the problems we need to pay attention to when choosing curtains. If all aspects of work are done meticulously, there will be no mistakes, and the progress of our decoration project will not be delayed.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has understood how to decorate the curtain shop and all the content. At the same time, it is also here, how to decorate the curtain shop with good effect. After you understand these details, when you think about the dog decoration method and style, you must choose according to your own needs.

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