How to choose the style and style of curtains? Choice of curtain color?

Curtains are a landscape in our home space, the choice of curtain color can directly affect the color of home space, so how to choose home curtains? Today I will give you a specific introduction Let’s talk about how to choose the style and style of curtains and the choice of curtain colors. Interested friends take a look at this article, and you can refer to it.

1. How to choose the style and style of curtains

1. Design style

We know that there are many types of styles of curtains, and these styles are closely related to interior design styles. Therefore, in the selection of curtains, the design style is the first requirement. That is to say, all the elements of curtains must first be matched with the interior style. At this point, you need to consult your interior designer more to avoid incongruity.

2. Functional requirements

According to different functional requirements and on the basis of consistent design styles, it is necessary to choose the thickness of the curtains. Generally speaking, there are two methods for bedrooms:

(1) Use a thicker fabric.

(2) Use a thicker fabric and make a tulle curtain inside.

As for which solution to adopt, it needs to consider the actual situation. For example, some design styles do not allow the use of tulle curtains.

Second, How to choose the color of the curtains

1. If you have children at home, I suggest you choose the color of the curtains, so that you will feel Seeing vitality and full of vitality will also give children a feeling of breathability.

2. If the overall color of the home is soft, it is recommended that you use light green gauze curtains for decoration. In this way, your home will feel like bathing in nature, with a transparent and refreshing feeling .

3. The use and season of the room should also be considered in the choice of curtain color: the living room should choose dark color, which looks solemn and generous. For the elderly’s room, you can choose dark flowers and plain colors. In the room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and strong to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, medium colors are suitable for spring and autumn, such as beige, light dark green, withered yellow, pink, etc.; white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green and other colors are suitable for summer; brown, dark green, purple red are suitable for winter. , dark coffee and other colors.

4. If the overall color of the home is heavy, then it is recommended that you choose golden curtains. In this way, it will look quite grand, high school, magnificent, and have a noble temperament inside.

5. If the overall color of the home is reddish, then choose powdery curtains to match. This is a color suitable for newlyweds. The whole will feel warm, sweet, and romantic temperament will increase a lot.

6. If the overall color of the home is white, then choosing white curtains can make the whole look more pure, pure and clean. When choosing white, choose the kind of elegant gauze. Thick leather is not recommended.

The above is all the knowledge about the style and style of curtains and the choice of curtain colors introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. The choice of curtains can be chosen according to different places, and Pay attention to the style of the home, don’t choose blindly, try to choose curtains that are more environmentally friendly.

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