How to choose the curtain color? What is the method of matching the color of the curtains in the living room?

In addition to some decoration materials, some decorations are also needed when decorating a house. Curtains are one of them. When choosing and matching, you should pay attention to the good-looking, so that you can have better results. Many people want to know how to choose the color of the curtains. In addition, you should master the method of matching the color of the living room curtains.

How to choose the color of the curtains?

1. The color and pattern of the curtains should be considered. It is advisable to choose cool-toned fabrics in summer, warm-toned fabrics in winter, and neutral-toned fabrics in spring and autumn. You can also determine the color of the living room curtains according to the decoration style.

Different styles have certain requirements for decoration elements and colors, so matching the overall style can make the whole living room environment more harmonious and harmonious. The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room and determined according to the environment and season of the area.

2. The overall effect of the room should be considered. For example, the white Italian sofa is often decorated with pink and green patterns, and the curtains may wish to use pink or green fabrics to echo each other. If the indoor tone is soft, and in order to make the curtains more decorative, you can use strong contrast techniques, such as hanging blue-purple curtains on the goose-yellow walls; on the contrary, if there are brightly colored landscape paintings in the living room, or other colorful Decorations, furniture, etc., the curtains are more elegant.

According to different decoration styles, choose the corresponding curtain style, color and pattern. Dark curtains look solemn and generous; thin curtain fabrics with light tones and strong light transmission are better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the curtains in the living room is selected from the sofa pattern

3, modern style, Nordic style, minimalist style. When people enter the living room, the first impression is of course not on the curtains. What color can the curtains in the living room attract attention? If the color is too bright to blend with the style, it can be completely ignored if it is too simple and elegant;

So one way is to find out the color integration point of the living room. Modern, Nordic and minimalist styles all have simplicity in common, so what color is the best color for the living room curtains? Black and white gray or low-key dark blue, deep purple are good choices.

What is the method of matching the color of the living room curtains?

1. Red and yellow are both bright colors. How should red and yellow be used? Generally speaking, curtains, furniture and furniture accessories use these two colors. Sofa covers use red and yellow products. Choose red for the furniture, but choose goose yellow for the curtains, can these two colors become the main color of the living room decoration? In fact, there is no problem at all. Bright colors represent enthusiasm, so they are also very suitable for use in living room decoration.

2. The walls and floors are white, but black and white are the main colors. These two colors are mainly reflected on walls, floors, and furniture. Furniture is available in black or white. However, if only these two colors are used in the interior, it may cause a strong sense of impact. To solve this problem, the best solution is to add gray as a transition. Such as adding gray carpet, gray curtains and so on. The combination of black and white does not mean that only these two colors are used in the living room, in fact, there are some colors that can be added into the mix.

How to choose the color of the curtain? After reading the introduction, people should already know it. When people choose the color, they should know more about it, so that people can feel more at ease. In addition, what is the method of matching the color of the living room curtains? ? It should also be known, the correct collocation, so that the effect displayed can be more beautiful and meet people’s satisfaction.

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