How to choose the curtain color? What are the curtain color matching skills?

Curtains are the most important part of every home. The overall feeling of a home with curtains becomes much more beautiful, so now almost every home will install curtains. Before installing curtains, it is necessary to choose a good curtain. The choice of curtain color is very important, but many owners do not know how to choose. Next, the editor will introduce to you how to choose the color of the curtains? What are the curtain color matching skills?

How to choose the color of the curtain?

1. Room orientation: When choosing the color of curtains, you should first consider the orientation of the room, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the expected decoration and use effect. It is generally recommended that you choose curtains with darker colors and higher shading rate in sunny rooms; and choose light-colored curtains with higher light transmittance in shady rooms with poor lighting capabilities.

2. Wall color: It is a very recommended method to choose the color of curtains according to the color of the wall: white walls are suitable for curtains of various colors, while colored walls are usually suitable for the same color or White, grey, gold and silver curtains. What needs to be specially reminded here is: since the curtains and the wall are large-area color blocks, special attention should be paid to color coordination when choosing curtains according to the color of the wall.

3. Room function: For example, it is better to choose darker and strong light-shielding curtains for bedrooms and audio-visual rooms; for bathroom rooms, it is better to choose light-colored curtains with strong light transmission ability. curtains. Therefore, in addition to the above two points, it is also necessary to consider the use function of the room when choosing the color of the curtains.

What are the curtain color matching skills?

1. Use less red and black

It is best not to use too much red or black as the main color in the house, because too much red or too black will make people feel uncomfortable. Act impulsively to extremes. It is also recommended to increase the purity and lightness of the paint on the wall to achieve saturation, which is what we call positive color.

2. Overall color matching

In Chinese studies, the smallpox represents the sky, the floor represents the earth, and the wall represents people. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, that is, it should be darker than the ceiling and lighter than the floor, so that heaven, earth and people can achieve harmony.

3. The sky is clear and the earth is turbid

The color of the ceiling should be as light as possible, and at the same time, the color of the floor should be darker than that of the ceiling. Otherwise, the people in the house will do things upside down and put the cart before the horse.

4. Color collocation should be avoided

Oriental red: Traditionally, red represents joy, enthusiasm, and boldness. In school, the east also symbolizes youth and adventurous spirit, so placing some red furniture and decorations in the east, such as mahogany ornaments, red carpets, etc., can make the family full of energy, which is beneficial to career and study.

After the introduction of the above article, how do you choose the color of the curtains? What are the curtain color matching skills? It should be almost understood. The color matching of curtains is very important. A good curtain must be matched with a good decoration style to highlight its effect. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you need to consider the overall decoration style, and then choose a good one based on the overall style. curtains.

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