How to choose curtains with high formaldehyde content in curtains

When decorating a house, there are many products to choose from, such as curtains. There are more and more curtain products on the market, and many people don’t know how to use curtains at all. Choose, and now everyone pays more attention to environmental protection, but there will be formaldehyde in curtains, so today we will share with you whether the formaldehyde content of curtains is high or not? How to choose curtains? Let’s talk about it together, I hope it can help everyone.

The formaldehyde content of curtains is high or not

When choosing fabric curtains, light colors The darker shades are safer and contain less formaldehyde. Washing and hanging the newly purchased curtains can effectively remove formaldehyde residues. First, fully soak and wash the curtains in clean water to reduce the formaldehyde content remaining on the fabric. Secondly, after the curtains are washed, they must be hung in an outdoor ventilated place to dry before being used again. Third, if there are many windows in the room, it is recommended to hang curtains of different materials, such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, etc.

How to choose curtains

1. The more folds, the better

The sales staff of curtain products usually recommend 2 times the width to consumers. According to the sales staff of a curtain store in Uliyate, consumers are now advised to buy curtain fabrics that are twice as wide, mainly because the double-pleated curtains have obvious folds and three-dimensional layers when they are opened, which is more beautiful. Some consumers blindly pursue more wrinkles, but it is actually unnecessary. Some curtains are light and soft, and the amount of folds can be appropriately increased by 2.5 times or 3 times; for fabrics with the thickness of ordinary velvet, 2 times of folds is enough.

The width of the curtain cloth is generally 2.8 meters and 1.5 meters, and the fabric with a width of 2.8 meters is generally selected, so that the finished curtain will not have seams. The calculation of curtain cloth is divided into two aspects: width and height. In terms of width, use a window with a width of 1.4 meters to calculate, and add 20-30 cm to the left and right. In terms of height, if the track is installed, directly measure the height from the roof to the ground. If installing a curtain rod, measure from the height where the curtain rod is installed.

2. The more layers, the better

Now many sample curtains are double-layered, and there is a layer of gauze curtain inside the ordinary curtain fabric. The salesperson said that the function of gauze curtains is firstly to be beautiful, and secondly, to protect privacy. After many curtains are opened, the entire window is exposed. At this time, a thin layer of gauze curtain can protect privacy without losing light.

Not all curtains require two layers. Double-layer curtains are used for bedrooms and other purely private spaces; one-layer curtains can be used for study and living room, and thin curtain cloth or thicker gauze can be used, which can not only isolate sunlight, but also maintain a translucent state with the outside world.

3. Selection of auxiliary materials

A variety of curtain designs with complex shapes contain a large number of curtain accessories and accessories. The accessories that must be used for a curtain include tracks or curtain rods, hooks or curtain rings, and cloth tapes.

Curtain accessories include window cherry, curtain ring or hanging ring, lead wire, hanging strap, tie ball, lace, etc. These accessories and accessories are all decorative, and there are too many accessories. Not only does it increase the overall price of the curtains, but it is also difficult to take care of and troublesome to clean.

The above-mentioned information about whether the formaldehyde content of curtains is high or not, and how to choose curtains, I hope it can help you. In fact, before purchasing curtains, you should probably think about what type you want, so that you will not be misled by the salesperson. Therefore, we must know how to choose curtains, and master some related skills, so that we can better choose good curtains.

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