How to choose curtains? What are the key points for choosing curtains?

We all know that people’s life is no longer just to solve the problem of food and clothing, but now people live more for enjoyment. So now people are paying more and more attention to their home decoration. Curtains are part of the soft decoration in the decoration. Many people don’t understand the selection of curtains. They feel dizzy when they see various styles of curtains, so Here, the editor will introduce to you how to choose curtains? What are the key points for choosing curtains?

How to choose curtains?

1. Curtains in the living room: On a winter afternoon, friends gather in front of the window, each holding a cup of coffee, quietly sharing a little bit of winter sunshine coming through the curtains… …In addition, choosing a floor-to-ceiling fabric curtain with luxurious texture and exquisite shape will make your living room more generous and stylish. The living room is a vision for people to enter the home. Whether the guests can feel the joy and enthusiasm of the host as soon as they enter the door, the furniture and accessories in the living room play a very important role, and the curtains are light-colored and light-transmitting. Thin fabrics are better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect.

2. Bedroom curtains: The bedroom is a typical private space, where feelings and complexes live. In addition, you can also choose the shape of the window. Floor-to-ceiling window curtains: Using fabrics and screens can make your bedroom more warm. If you feel that the shading is not good enough, add a layer of shading cloth. All joys and sorrows, ups and downs, stay, accumulate, and settle in it, so it is very important to create a warm and romantic feeling for the bedroom. You can apply colors such as cyan, green, purple, etc. to make the living room space present all desired atmosphere. Choose thick and light-shielding fabrics as the main material, mostly double-layered yarn and curtains, and it will have unexpected effects when matched with bedding.

3. Half-window curtains: Choosing simple and bright window decoration products will make your room full of modern atmosphere. Its styles and colors have a wide range of choices, and its functions are relatively comprehensive, such as shading, heat insulation, sound insulation, dustproof, etc., among which “day and night curtains”, “pleated curtains” or “aluminum alloy venetian blinds” ; are all bedroom partners. Study room curtains: The study room is mainly in light green, light blue and other colors, with simple, elegant and fresh patterns, which are easy to relax. “Bamboo curtains” and “wooden venetian blinds” made of natural bamboo and wood are the best choice for the study room. Their simple and lively shapes can make people refreshed and clear-headed. You can choose matching products according to the decoration style and overall color of the room to make the room look more harmonious and unified. Breathable “roller blinds” and “vertical blinds” can also be used in the study.

4. Children’s room curtains: Children’s rooms say that children’s life is pure and simple, because they are very easy to satisfy, and one act of adults satisfying their wishes is enough to let them experience the beauty of life Unspeakable. Therefore, the layout of the children’s room should generally follow the word “simple”, and the curtains can use beautiful and simple cartoon graphic roller blinds or monochrome roller blinds with individual colors to increase the childishness of the room. It is worth noting that children’s lively and active nature also determines the color characteristics of children’s rooms, that is, bright colors and strong contrast, especially when buying curtains, you can boldly choose curtains with various colors.

What are the key points for choosing curtains?

1. Decisively say “no” to unnecessary accessories. There are many accessories added to curtains, such as: lace, pendants, hooks, hanging balls, straps… ;From a practical point of view, in addition to the must-haves such as cloth belts, there are optional accessories such as pendants or lead wires. Therefore, it can be considered to omit appropriately.

2. Cloth tape, pull ring, lead wire, cloth tape is the key link to hang the curtain on the hook, and the material is also divided into upper, middle and lower according to the quality. The lead wire is to increase the weight to prevent the curtain from fluttering. Unless there are special requirements, it is generally enough to use a lead wire for the bottom edge. As accessories, the price of small buttons and pull rings is sometimes four or five times higher than that of the fabric itself. To beware of merchant traps, you must understand these.

3. The choice of curtain rod and curtain slide depends on the size of the window. For smaller curtains, it is better to use curtain slides, because this kind of curtain usually only needs to be pulled lightly by hand. For large windows and floor-to-ceiling windows, curtain rods are used, which are visually atmospheric and beautiful, and because the large curtains hang many and heavy fabrics, they are often operated by pull ropes, and curtain rods are also more secure.

Through the introduction of the above article, how do you choose curtains? What are the key points for choosing curtains? It should be clear. Whether the curtains are good-looking or practical is directly related to our life, so when buying, we must choose a brand with reliable quality and master the skills of selection. As long as we have the skills, buying curtains will become easier. .

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