How to choose curtains? How to match the curtains?

How to choose curtains? Curtains occupy a very large position in home decoration, and when choosing curtains, they must be matched reasonably, so there are so many styles of curtains , How to choose curtains? How to match curtains? Let’s find out together.

1. How to choose curtains

1. In terms of the functionality of curtains, the direct purpose of most of us choosing curtains should be to play a blocking role in order to protect the privacy of our indoor life. No one likes to expose their every move to the attention of others. At this time, the role of curtains is very important. People pay different attention to privacy in different areas. Generally speaking, if it is a public area where family members are active, the requirements for privacy are relatively low. For example, in the living room, when we choose curtains at this time, we have relatively low requirements for shading. Most of the curtains installed in the living room are used for decoration. We can choose some fabrics that are translucent or even hollowed out in the middle. For the bedroom, you should choose a thicker blackout fabric.

2. Effective use of light. In the case of effective protection of privacy, many people are still reluctant to choose the kind of fabric that is too heavy. For example, in the living room on the first and second floors, everyone does not like to let people walking around outside see every move in the room. But long-term pulling of thick curtains will affect the natural lighting, so at this time, you can choose light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains, which came into being.

3. Choose the design style of the curtains according to the design style. The style of curtains is inextricably linked to the style of interior design. So, the choice of curtains. That is to say, all the elements of curtains must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you need to consult your interior designer more to make the curtain design fit the interior design style. Most of the decoration design styles now include European, French, Korean, modern, and Mediterranean styles.

Second, how to match curtains

1. Peach pink curtains

Hidden character: young

People who decorate their homes with peach pink curtains often want to show themselves young and energetic. I even hope to be a noble image in the eyes of others. Those who like pink are either handsome or beautiful, exuding a charm that makes people feel comfortable when they see it. However, there is a strong tendency to escape from reality. Because he is not good at expressing his thoughts to others, he often hides in his own small world. In addition, people who cannot bear the embarrassment of reality and who have been betrayed by someone they trust will also like pink.

2. Red Curtains

Hidden Personality: Optimism

People who love red curtains are energetic and active. Being optimistic no matter how much effort or cost it takes, you don’t sulk over setbacks, but always find ways to solve them on the spot. For those who block their own happiness, they have deep hostility. When something happens, you always blame others first, which is not good for you. If you can treat others with a more tolerant heart, I believe your popularity will be more prosperous.

3. Yellow curtains

Hidden character: creation

People who like yellow curtains are highly creative and curious. She cares more about social issues than personal issues, and likes to pursue lofty ideals, especially social movements. You are quite confident and knowledgeable, and you take pride in it. You may look like a socialite, but you are actually lonely inside.

4. Green curtains

Hidden character: harmony

A person who loves green curtains is basically a person who pursues peace. However, they are afraid of being alone and prefer to live in groups. Therefore, you are good at maintaining a good and harmonious relationship with the people around you, and you always give people a kind and gentle impression. However, because the attitude towards everyone is similar, sometimes it is easy to be mistaken for a well-rounded person.

5. Brown curtains

Hidden character: self

The brown curtain itself exudes rigor and grandeur, and the owner also hides a very serious self-worth strong personality. I am very afraid of having to change myself due to external factors. But in terms of appearance and attitude of handling things, it gives people a great sense of trust. You can clearly divide the powerful relationship between people, so it is easy to give others a tendency to be indifferent, but because of your straightforward personality, people are very convinced of you, and you will have more and more partners who support you unconsciously.

The relevant knowledge about how to choose a curtain and how to match it is explained here, I hope it can help you. The main functions of curtains are shading, privacy, etc., and they also have Feng Shui, so don’t take it lightly.

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